Monday, 22 June 2015

Nars Illuminator - Worth the Price Tag?

Another day... Another NARS Product!  I feel like that is all I have been blogging about lately.  

So, next up in the NARS series is the much discussed Illuminator in the shade 'Copacabana'.  I love a highlighter as much as the next girl and this is the first time I have tried any 'Illuminator' from the NARS collection and whilst I am not disappointed, it is a nice product, I don't think I would repurchase and here's why.
I love high end brands and products; I like spending a bit more money and knowing I am 90% of the time I am going to get a more luxurious product.  If you read my recent post about where I like to save my money and where I like to spend more then you might be surprised to read that I spent more money then normal on a highlighter when I said I preferred budget buys.  

I must admit, when I was buying a replacement NARS Sheer Glow Foundation, I got a little bit carried away.  I ended up talking myself into this highlighter when I probably should not have bothered.

So let's get this straight - this is a good product by NARS, I love the colour, it was exactly what I was looking for, it blends out well it gives a lovely 'sheen' to the skin and it lasts a good proportion of the day.  

I was quite disappointed by the dinky size of this product (1.2 oz/30ml) at first but after I tried this out of a few times I realised you really do not need a lot of this product and I can see this lasting me a long time.  

This liquid highlighter comes out the tube quite creamy in texture and I just use my index finger to dab from the back of my hand onto the high points of my cheek bone and along my nose and cupids bow.  Once applied to the skin I like to use the Real Techniques contouring brush to buff this into the skin and blend.  

I would describe the shade is a pink champagne which I believe would suit most skin tones. The product does not contain any glitter and is just a pearlescent sheen as opposed to full on glitter explosion.  The more this is blended into the skin the more subtle it gets so depending on how glowing you want to be you can tailor this accordingly for say a day look and a night look.  

Although I have only tried this as a highlighter, I believe this would work well mixed in with a foundation for all-over glowing skin.

I really like this product but my one gripe is that I feel like The Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlighter (full review here) does just a good as job without the £23.00 price tag.  So all I would say is if you like highlighters and don't mind spending a bit more money on a product then go for it.  However, if you're new to highlighter and don't want to be spending that sort of money on something you're not sure about, don't bother as there are much cheaper alternatives out there that will do the same job.

Have you tried any of the NARS Illumintors?  I would love to know your thoughts!

Emma x

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