Saturday, 22 February 2014

Review : Soap & Glory "The Ultimelt" Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser

Hi everyone!

I bought the Soap & Glory Hot Cloth Cleanser recently and after using it for a about a week and a half now I reckon I should share with you guys how I am getting on it with it.

So I did not set out to buy this specifically but I have not tried any Soap & Glory products before and it was a third off in Boots when I went in to get something else and I thought, why not?  As much as I love my No 7 foaming cleanser (I have only just run out but a brand new bottle is ready and waiting!), I really wanted to see for myself what all the fuss was about with hot cloth cleansers and so I thought if I didn't get on with it, then I have not spent an absolute fortune on a product I couldn't use.

Contained in the pack is the product itself and also a little cloth for you to use when taking off the product.  This is for all skin types but I would suggest if you have skin sensitive to oils then perhaps give it a miss.

When I started using it, I have to be honest, I didn't really think much of it.  I was just about to reach for my trusty No 7 when I thought I would give this a second chance.  I re-read the instructions and I realised I was doing it wrong.

At first, I wasn't putting enough on and then I wasn't really rubbing it round, just leaving it on for two minutes instead and then I was wiping it off.  When I was wiping (which you shouldn't do) I was thinking, goodness this cloth is rough this is not going to do my skin any good.

What you are actually supposed to do is put a fair amount on (grape size) your face and neck, then rub round for two minutes.  I have to admit I do find this quite laborious because I'm just used to wash and go but nothing good comes easy as they say so I make sure stick with it. I also make sure I concentrate on any little areas where I can feel a breakout coming or somewhere there is already a little blemish.  Then you just run the cloth under hot / warm water, rinse slightly and then placed right over the whole of your face, pressing off the product as you go, working down towards the neck. I usually put the cloth over my face twice in order that I make sure I get this all off properly.

And there you go.  That is how I use it and now I know where I was going wrong and seen the error of my ways I'm glad I took the plunge on this one.  I think my skin looks fresher after use and you get a super duper deep down clean feeling. Smell is okay, not really my cup of tea but skin feels baby soft afterwards. I would purchase this again in the future and it has made me want to try more Soap & Glory products (The Fab Pore Daily Micro Smoothing Moisture Lotion is going on my wish list!) as well as some more hot cloth cleansers going forward.

Usual Price is £10.00 and link is here.

Hope you enjoyed my post and hopefully this helped if you're in the market for a new cleanser or if you are (like I was) just looking for an inexpensive hot cloth cleanser to try out.

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