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High End vs High Street : Where I Like to Splurge & Save

As a lover of make up I think it is important to know where you need to spend a few more pounds and where you don't necessarily.  I have in the past bought products where I have thought 'wow I wish I hadn't spend so much money on that' or 'perhaps if I had spent a bit more on this the quality might have been better'.  Today's post is all about what I have learnt in years gone by.

High End Beauty

Foundation is a key every day item for me; apart from the days where I might be sitting about the house, I need to use foundation every day.  With an uneven skin tone and acne prone skin unfortunately the idea of using a BB cream or tinted moisturiser before leaving the house is but a mere dream. 
Although I have tried a lot of high street foundations I have found that to really get a flawless,  skin like foundation then high end is the only way to go.  I have found that high end brands offer excellent coverage with a weightless feel which ensures that I don't end up with that 'cakey' look.  I also tend to find a can get a much better skin colour match with high end brand as a) someone who does this as a profession is doing this for me and b) high end brands tend to carry more shade ranges. Although I have in the past used a lot of high street brands (Rimmel being my most purchased) I find that I get much better results spending a few extra ££s on a high end brand.
Favourites: Nars Sheer Glow Foundation & YSL Perfect Touch Radiant Foundation

Eyeshadow is something that I like to use when I am going out in the evening or at the weekend, it certainly is not something I can get away with wearing in my job every day.  It is for that reason that I don't buy tonnes of eyeshadow palettes or singular shadows and therefore like to spend a little extra on what I do buy.  I have found that the quality of the product is much better with a high end brand as the formulas are much creamier, highly pigmented shadows and longer wear.  The only stand out I have found so far when it comes to high street is the L'Oreal Paris Color Riche Mono Eyeshadows as they really highly pigmented and glide over the lid.  
Favourites: Naked 3 palette by Urban Decay & Mac All That Glitters

High Street Beauty

Although I do have long dark lashes, I could not leave the house without mascara.  Mascara for me is definitely a high street buy; I have in the past wasted money on high end brands which do not offer anywhere near the definition or curl I have found with some high street brands.  After they have left me disappointed in the wearing department they then clump up and dry out really quickly.  There is nothing worse then paying £22 for a mascara which dries out after a month.  High street brands can offer much more bang of your buck and there are lots of brands out there that offer an excellent product for a more reasonable £10.  There are however always exceptions and I have fallen in love with the results of Tarte Lights, Camera, Lashes and Benefit They're Real which I believe are well worth the money spent.
Favourites: L'Oreal Paris Volume Million Excess Black Mascara & Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara 

I am so on the fence with lip products as I love buying so many - high end and high street.  In terms of value for money I do feel that high street brands do offer a lot more value and hence why I've put this under the high street category.  My every day looks always consist of high street brands on my lips but when I am going somewhere nice or having an evening out I do like to use a high end brand as they just make me feel more special.  I do believe that a lot of high street brands these days have long wearing formulas and a big selection of colours that I can't really go wrong with a high street brand.
Favourites: Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick & Maybelline Superstay 24hr Lipstick

I had never really used highlighters until recently but now I am obsessed.  I have tried high end highlighters and whilst I do enjoy using them, I also believe that there are many high street brands out there which offer the same quality at a snippet of a price.  The only downside with high street highlighters as they can be more glittery and less subtle glow but with a little persistence I have found a few good products which easily offer the same quality as the high end brands. 
Favourites:  Sleek Face Form Contour & Blush Palette in Light & Makeup Revolution Highlighter

I think blusher is absolutely essential for giving a healthy glow to my face, especially when I am having to add a little more foundation and concealer to get rid of blemishes as I can look a little washed out.  Blushers I find help give just a very natural finish to a make up look and when done subtly can make a real difference.  There are some great high street brands out there which are highly pigmented and wear well.  Although I do love my Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushers I definitely reserve them for evenings out and special occasions and I find that high street brands can serve me just as well at fraction of the cost of a high end brand like Hourglass. 
Favourites: Revlon Powder Blush & Collection Blush

Lastly is concealer which is something again I have mixed feelings about.  I have tried a few high street brands which I enjoy using but I have recently tried and loved the Nars Creamy Concealer.  I find this a great concealer and whilst I can justify the price, a lot of people probably cannot. Concealer predominately for me is used to cover blemishes but I have noticed lately quite dark circles gathering under my eyes and so have needed a little extra coverage there also.  I thought as I had more favourites for high street brands that concealers deserved to be in this category.  
Favourites: Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer (blemishes) & Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer (dark circles)

Which products do you like to save money and spend a little more?  What are you favourite high end brands and high street brands? I would love to hear from you!

Emma x

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