Monday, 27 July 2015

MAC Cosmetics Lipstick Lust List

As you will see in my newest video out later this week, I had a little splurge on some MAC lipsticks and it has just made me want to go out and get more.  As I keep lusting over them so much I thought I would dedicate a whole post to which ones I really want.

As you can possibly already tell this board has a serious theme to it - I don't know why but I really drawn to muted pinks and reds.  I rarely stray away from this brief if I am honest as I am a total red lipstick lover and muted pinks are really great for everyday.  So even though they all look really similar, you can never have too much of a good thing, am I right?

1st Row

L to R 

Viva Glam VI: I haven't ever bought a Viva Glam collection before and if you're not already aware, the full RRP (less VAT) goes to the MAC aids foundation so I really need to add this to the top of my list! Described as terracotta-plum with pearl.

Faux: I feel like this is a real popular choice at the moment and it hasn't missed my lust list.  Described as muted mauve-pink (has a 'Satin' finish).

Russian Red: If I'm gonna wear red, I want it to be bold and vibrant and this ticks both boxes.  Plus it will make teeth look whiter!  Described as an intense bluish-red.

2nd Row

Bombshell: I feel like this would be a great subtle colour for summer months.  Described as a bright rosy-pink with shimmer (has a 'Frost' finish).

Brick o la: I think I am actually lusting after this the most and it will be perfect for when we fall back into Autumn.  Described as a mid-tone berry (has an 'Amplified Creme' finish).

Chatterbox: It is not all not all muted shades - I feel like Chatterbox could be a great shade for my skin colouring.  Described as a bright red-pink (has an 'Amplified Creme' finish).

3rd Row

Mehr: I recently saw a swatch of this on a blog post and although the names sounds a little strange, this will definitely satisfy my 'nude' lipstick obsession.  Described as dirty blue pink. 
New York Apple: This is another autumnal shade but I feel like this could be an easy-peasy day time lipstick as it is described as muted red with pink shimmer (has a 'Frost' finish).

Patisserie: This is another shade on everyones' lips right now and another 'nude' shade.  Described as a sheer creamy neutral pink.

Which shades are you lusting after ?  Let me know what is on your wish list and what shades you already own as I would love some more inspiration!

Emma xx


  1. Patisserie has been on my list for ages as well. Other than that, Stone and Syrup are on my list.

    Beauty Isles | An Island Girl's Beauty and Lifestyle Blog

    1. Thanks for sharing, I will look into Stone and Syrup :o)

      Emma xx

  2. Cosmo is next on my wish list!!

  3. I have Mehr and it is my go to lipstick everyday!! My perfect nude. Faux is a little more on the brown side as my friend has it! I love the look of all the other lipsticks you've chosen - defo going to put some of them on my wish list xo

    1. I've bought Mehr, it's really beautiful, a great nude! xx