Thursday, 28 August 2014

Review : Indeed Labs Hydraluron Moisture Boosting Facial Serum

Hey guys,

A few weeks back I was doing some general beauty blog browsing and I happened to come across Chaitra from Pink Pot and her post on her newest additions to her skin care and these were the Indeed Labs Hydraluron and the Pepta-Bright.

I have been curious about Indeed Labs as a brand anyway but just simply hadn't gotten round to trying anything.  However, after reading her post about her first impressions of the Hydraluron, I unsurprising found myself making a little online Boots order and I decided to purchase the Hydraluron and also the Retinol Reface (full post will follow soon but I haven't really tried this out yet).

I have got to start by saying that I have tried a few serums now and I personally never see any benefit.  However, that definitely changed after I used the Hydraluron.

This is a gel like consistency that you apply a pea size dollop of all over your face prior to applying a moisturiser.  Not to be confused with hydrochloric acid, this product contains high levels of hyaluronic acid which is already found naturally in the human body but when used as an intensive dose it can be good for healing the skin, moisturising and also age defence.

I have been applying this at night only so far but with the intention to apply this also in the mornings (as suggested on the packaging - I am a stickler for following the directions!).  I will be honest, I was slightly worried when I first tried this product because it felt slightly sticky and tacky after applying to my skin and I thought that was a sure sign I would wake up with a new crop of blemishes in the morning.  I didn't panic though and I went over my skin with my night time moisturiser which is The Body Shop Vitamin E Night Cream.

I was very pleasantly surprised the next morning when I woke up to some really wonderful looking skin.  And every time since I have used this product my skin is consistently plump, radiant, healthy and with skin tone is completely evened out.  My skin quite possibly looks the best it has in a very long time.  Not only does it look healthy but it also feels wonderfully soft and smooth and truly hydrated and moisturised and that was simply something I could not achieve with using just a moisturising cream or a face mask.

I have always suffered from a redness on my cheeks and nose but after using this product my skin looks calm and my redness has gone.  My skin looks completely evened out and my pores also appear to have reduced.

I cannot say enough good things about this product, the difference it has made to my skin is unbelievable.  This serum is a total game changer for me and I can finally understand what a difference introducing a serum into my skin care routine can actually do for my skin.   Not only is it soaking up my moisturiser but it is also soaking up any spot treatments I may apply and that means I wake up with a completely clear complexion.

I turned 26 recently and although I am good with my skin care anyway, it seems a good point to really start taking skin care seriously because I am noticing a few fine lines here and there.  With this serum my skin looks just amazing, it's youthful and plumped up and just so calm.  I cannot believe what a difference this product has made to the appearance of my skin.  I certainly didn't expect it to do what it has achieved and I am really pleasantly surprised.

I will certainly be repurchasing this serum in order to keep my skin in tip top condition.

Has this post inspired you to purchase ?  If so, it will set you back a very reasonable £24.99 but this has been on offer for quite some time at Boots so quickly click here!

Have you tried the Hydraluron or any other products from the Indeed range?  If so I'd love to hear about your experiences and/or any recommendation so leave me a comment below :o)

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Life \\ Skin Care : The £10 & under edit

Hello everyone,

I am trying to hard to concentrate on not only posting up reviews of products but adding actual content to my blog because I know sometimes reviews of products can get tiresome if you read too many and the occasional post which is slightly different is a nice change.  I also really enjoy thinking up new ideas and content in order to keep things fresh and I like making more effort with my posts  then just my opinion of a product.

I am trying not to overload my blog with too many beauty reviews but to also include beauty related posts as well as life related posts and hopefully going forward this will come across to you guys.

Now I've rambled on, lets get on with the task at hand and I thought I would include a post containing skin care that you can purchase which are each £10.00 or under.  These are just my personal picks and I thought this might be helpful for someone on a budget that also wants a good quality product that does the job well.

Let's talk about the items you can get for £10 and under when it comes to facial cleansers, toners and tools.  I have tried to pick one item for each step in my skin care routine in order to give you some ideas for all aspects of skin care.

I can honestly say I don't think I have picked up a face wipe in the last 6 months but I was staying round a friend's house recently and I did not want to hoist a wash bag full of cleansers and toners and lotions and whatnot and so for one night only I thought it wouldn't hurt to just use a make-up wipe.

However, now I have the rest of the packet to use up before they become all dry and I have to admit this has become my first step in my skin care routine in the evenings. I forgot how easy it is to take your make-up off with one of these babies and if you're looking for a good but inexpensive face wipe then Johnson's Face Care Make Up Be Gone should be at the top of your list.

I only use these as a first step prior to using a cleanser but these always do the job and they different ranges to cater for specific skin types i.e. dry, combination, normal, sensitive.  I picked up the normal skin ones but I used to love the pampering ones also. They're a great remover and very gentle on your skin and eyes.  I also find they have the slightest grit to them which I quite like because your skin gets a little exfoliation in the process.

The RRP for these is £3.29 and I do tend to find these are on special offer an awful lot so keep your eyes peeled.

If face wipes aren't for you and you prefer a cleanser then you can't go wrong with the Simple Kind To Skin Moisturising Facial Wash which is a great gentle but effective moisturising cleanser.  Use this morning and evening to keep your skin feeling nourished but not irritated.  And because it's from Simple you know there isn't going to be any unnecessary nasties so not only are you getting a great bargain but your skin will thank you in the long run.

I love this as a face wash whilst I'm in the shower in the morning and it is effective at doing a good job of taking off my make-up in the evening.

The RRP for this product is a very affordable £3.25.

The next step in my skin care routine belongs to toners and my suggestion for beauty on a budget would be The Body Shop Vitamin E Hydrating Toner which does what it says on the tin.

This product was the spark that started the fire in my heart (wow, is that too dramatic?) for The Body Shop's Vitamin E range.  This range is just beautiful.  It's affordable and it's luxurious.  Vitamin E totally agrees with my skin and it leaves it feeling hydrated, nourished and looking and feeling better. I also really love the smell of this also.

If you already like the Vitamin E range then this could just be finishing touch on your skin care routine or even if you haven't tried this range yet, this is a great place to start.

RRP is £8.50.

For some reason this looks really dirty but it's really not :o(
The last item I want to mention in terms of cleansing is The Body Shop's Muslin Cloth.  If you haven't tried cleansing with a muslin cloth before then The Body Shop's version is a very inexpensive starter at just £2.50.  This has a great roughness to it that is gentle enough for daily use but also means I don't have to exfoliate my skin because it does the job for me.

Up next we have two items which are for moisturising your skin and I have just concentrated on a general moisturiser and one for under the eyes.  I am trying to keep this post fairly simple i.e. cleanse, tone, moisturise and I would have loved to include a serum but to be honest I don't have any recommendations for under £10.00 and I think if you're going to investment it needs to be a good one and a £10.00 budget isn't quite going to cut it so hence why I haven't popped a serum into this post.

I have said quite possibly on several occasions that I don't moisturise; it's no secret I like to leave this element out of my skin care routine.  However, that has all changed recently due to the weather being so unbelievably hot in England (seriously, what's up with that?!) and I just felt it was time I invested in something with some solid SPF behind it.  The Simple Kind To Kind + Protecting Moisture Cream was the only thing I saw with such a high SPF in it.   I don't believe there are going to be many brands out there without a high end price tag that you will find SPF30 in so this is such a great purchase because although it's an okay moisturiser it's going to protect your skin in the long run.

RRP is £3.99.

I don't really think I can find a decent anti-ageing eye cream under £10 but I have included the Boots Simply Sensitive Hydrating Eye Cream which by no stretch of the imagination is going to banish those lines but it does provide a very effective hydration to the delicate under eye area when they're feeling in need of some TLC.  This is a great cream if, like me, you have sensitive eyes and I like to use it in the morning before applying make-up to ensure I have a nice nourished base for concealer in order that it doesn't look flaky and dry.

This will barely make a dent in your purse at £3.49.

My last few skin care essentials are in the 'masks' part of my skin care routine.  These mask are both great for a little once in a while treatment or used as part of a weekly routine.

First up we have a scrub / purifying face mask in the form of the Soap & Glory The Fab Pore 2-in-1 Pore Purifying Mask & Peel which I recently gave a nod to in my Skin Secrets Video.  This is great for when I'm suffering with blemish prone skin, I always find when I wake up in the morning after using this mask that any blemishes appear reduced.  Because this mask is green, it also cancels out any associated redness my skin is suffering with.  This not only acts as a mask but a gentle rub your skin with your fingertips gives a great but gentle exfoliation to the skin.

Soap & Glory products are a staple in my skin care routine and I'm never without at least one.

RRP is £10.00 but another great product to try is The Ultimelt Deep Purifying Hot Cloth Cleanser and I have a full review here

I have combination / oily skin but I don't tend to suffer from any dryness except on my forehead which is rather annoying.  However, I'm going to put it down to the weather (because my hair is also SUPER dry) but the rest of my face has finally caught up and I have terribly dry skin at the moment.  

I treated myself to the Una Brennan Intensive Moisture Mask because I do not own any moisture masks and I must admit, I didn't know a thing about Una Brennan but I just liked the packaging.  Not the best basis for buying a product but I'm a girl and I like pretty things.  Since discovering this product I realise now that Una Brennan is a top facialist to the rich and famous.  I can see why because this product is pure goodness.  It leaves my skin feeling and looking hydrated, nourishing, smooth and most importantly it leaves it looking and feeling calm and is suitable for my sensitive skin.  

RRP is £8.99.

If you're in the market for any of the above type of products then hopefully this post has given you some inspiration for what to treat yourself to.  I hope this post provides some help to you guys that are doing beauty on a budget or even if you're not on a budget, I believe the above are just good items to have and I use all of these on a regular basis.  I don't believe that in order for a product to work well that it has to cost the earth although investing in some products i.e. serums and anti-aging products can pay off.

What are your suggestions for good products that are £10.00 and under?  

As always I would love to hear from you guys so leave a comment below or send me a little tweet @EmsyLous