Saturday, 26 April 2014

Video || Haul : Lush & Other Goodies

Hello everyone,

I recently embarked on a shopping trip and thought I would share with you guys my purchases!

Full reviews of most of the products mentions will be on the blog soon.

Little appearance by Mollie :o)

Hope you enjoy!!

Life \\ Missing In Action - What has been going on?

Hello lovies,

It really is a sad state of affairs when a Beauty blogger doesn't upload a monthly favourites, isn't it?

However, I just wanted to give a little reasoning behind my sudden absence and hopefully assure you guys that it won't happen again.

I just want to firstly apologise for abandoning my Blog in recent times.  When I started blogging I loved taking photographs and uploading review posts and I couldn't wait to discover new products and let you guys know my thoughts.  And I wouldn't say I have had a 'bloggers block' as such but my enthusiasm has not been as high as it should be and the reason being is that my skin has been the worst I have ever known it to be.

If you suffer from problem prone skin then you may know how much it can affect how you feel in yourself and as a blogger it just put me completely off blogging. Unfortunately I have had terrible acne on my cheeks, and I was getting new blemishes every day.  There was just literally no let up and no amount of make up was doing a good job to cover it.  So I have been a little afraid to pick up the camera and also I felt I couldn't try anything new and anything I would have reviewed would not have been a fair one because nothing was helping me to calm things down.

There is a reason behind having such terrible skin problems at the moment and it is due to an ongoing medical condition and I do plan to go into more detail about it one day whether it be a post or a video because I know this affects other people with the same condition but I really want to address this when I feel ready and comfortable to talk about it.

After two months I have finally managed to get my skin back to some normalcy (thanks to some AMAZING wonder products which I am planning on doing a video for) and I am not having huge breakouts although my skin is very uneven looking and there are a few little scars but I'm pleased to say I'm getting back on track which means I feel comfortable again with sharing some honest reviews.

I am already back in full swing and have lots of amazing products to talk to you guys about and so hopefully I won't be MIA again any time soon.

Thanks guys!