Friday, 23 January 2015

Soap & Glory - A Gift Set You'll Be Grateful For

Hey guys,

Christmas seems like a distant memory now but you're probably left with countless gift sets from friends and your Secret Santa exchange in work.  These gift sets are likely to contain products which have more hope of seeing the inside of the bathroom cabinet / airing cupboard then the shower cubicle and up until recently I didn't really have much time for gift sets personally.  

That was until I got the Soap & Glory 'Soap For The Best' set which contains products I couldn't wait to try.  

My love affair with Soap & Glory started with the Ultimelt Hot Cloth Cleanser and there isn't a product I have picked up yet that I have been disappointed with.  I now own several skincare products (which are reliable, gentle and inexpensive), bath and body products, as well as appreciating some really great make-up items.  It's an all-rounder and Soap and Glory is fast becoming a brand which I find myself relying on when I'm in need or a remedy for my skin because I know I can trust what's on the inside will work for me.

So you can imagine how chuffed I was to receive the Soap For the Best set for Christmas this year.

Contained within are what Soap & Glory consider their 'classic' minis and each product does a different job so there's no need to try and use up 10 shower gels in a range of different scents.

I had already tried Hand Food when I picked up a mini not so long back and I was really impressed with the results and also the smell of this product.  I was really pleased to discover the whole of this neatly packed little box contained products which all smelt exactly the same as Hand Food.

First up I want to mention my most used product from this set and it's Hand Food.  This is a hydrating hand cream which contains shea butter, macadamia oil and marshmallow which smells just absolutely gorgeous and instantly moisturises any dry hands which are need of some TLC.  The hydration lasts all day long with just the tiniest dollop.

The Righteous Butter is a cream body moisturiser which is formulated for very dry skin so you can imagine how wonderful it feels during those harsh winter months.  Just massage a scoop of this body butter after showering and you're going to have hydrated, happy skin all day long.

Hard hitting moisture is the key to this little gift set and Clean on Me doesn't stray from the brief.  This moisturising, creamy shower gel is a treat for the senses in the morning.  

I have used Pulp Friction in the past which is a great everyday body foaming scrub but for some great buffing then Scrub of Your Life is the ultimate body scrub for getting rid of those dry bits which the cold weather and heating graces us with.

This marvellous little set has introduced me to some products which I may never have bought singularly however, now I've given them all a try I would certainly buy a full size version of the Scrub of Your Life and Hand Food in the not to distant future.

Have you tried anything from the Soap & Glory body range?  If so, I'd love some more recommendations!

Emma x

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