Saturday, 10 May 2014

Review : Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Primer

Hello everyone,

I have recently purchased the Smashbox Photo Finish Colour Correcting Primer following my love of the mini Photo Finish Primer I bought (link is here for full review).

I knew I wanted to pick up a full size product this time but I was undecided between the Colour Correcting and the Blemish Control because at the time my skin was in disarray and I wasn't sure what the best solution was. I went with the Colour Correcting mainly due to the colour being green although the blemish control one is also a greeny-blue so it may have worked just the same and it may be an investment next time I need a primer.

If you are not already aware the colour green cancels out red which means if you are suffering from any acne or blemishes or just a general redness to your skin then the colour within this primer should correct that.

As you can see, the product itself comes out green and then once you start working it into the skin it just disappears into the same colour as your own skin so it is not like it applies green, stays green and then you put foundation over the top of your green face.

I have found this product effective and a great base for make-up much like its cousin the Photo Finish primer.  This product is very light on the skin and blends in very easily.  I tend to use my fingers but you if you prefer to use a brush this would also be suitable for this product.  I am pleased with the results whenever I use this primer and it holds my make-up in place very well without a need to touch up too much throughout the day.

My one gripe is that had I realised this was not oil free I may have picked up the blemish one instead.  I do tend to find that if a primer contains oil this does cause me some slight issues with breakouts on my skin as I do suffer from oily / combination skin.  However, I would likely to re-purchase another Smashbox primer, I have not found another primer which does the job as good as this brand does.

Full size product is £25.00 which I understand is a bit pricey for what it is, however, this can be purchased in a 'mini' which is £12.50 and this is ideal if you do not want to make the financial commitment.  Link to this product can be found here.