Thursday, 12 June 2014

Review : Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipsticks

Hello everyone,

I have absolutely loved using these two products and I thought I would share my thoughts with you guys.

I have seen these lipsticks featured in various favourites videos and there was a lot of advertising hype around them at the time when they come out.

When I went to pick myself up one of these little beauties I stuck with a predicament - which colour should I chose? So I got both. 

These were both under the 'everyday nudes' section and I must admit they are anything but 'nude'.  These were probably the two most subtle colours within the collection and hence my tentative choices.  Do not get my wrong, I am all for a bold lip but I find myself picking up so many bold colours and I wanted to have a go at these so called 'everyday nudes'.

I automatically reached for 04 Peach Club because I have been searching for a good coral, peachy colour and I thought this looked like a good choice. Then upon further inspection I saw the 02 Frambourjoise (still totally unsure how to pronounce this!) and at the time I was wearing a very similar colour on my nails and logic dictates that if you see a lip colour to match your nail varnish you got to buy it (just me? Okay then.) so I pushed the boat out and bought both.

I do not regret it for a moment.

The product itself is goes on so smooth (just like a silk) and like the name suggests, velvety, but dries completely matte. It's gorgeous.  It doesn't leave my lips quenching for some extra moisture. 

And the colour.

Both the colours are so beautiful and bright.  The Frambourjois is a cross between red and pink and it just a beautiful bright and the Peach Club is equally bright but a gorgeous spring summery peachy-coral.

These lipsticks will literally see me through from morning to night.  They are not so bright you can't get away with them during the day and I have put these on in the morning and they still don't budge by the time I get home in the evening.  Adding a little slick of  tinted Vaseline (either the rose or the limited edition 'paint town the town' red one both look awesome) just brings a lovely glossy look back to this lip product once it has been on for a few hours.  I have also worn both of these on nights out and they are ideal because there is no transfer and no need to worry about re-applying after a few glasses of vino.

These products are just beaut.  I really cannot rave about them enough; the colours are beautiful and bright and they stay on all day long with no touch ups.  I seriously cannot wait to get my hands on some lovely bright reds!

On my lips is 02 Frambourjoise which I wore for a recent video WIMB: Festival Edition

On my lips is 04 Peach Club which I wore for a recent video filming with a touch of Vaseline over the top

These are £8.99 and link is here.

Have you tried any other colours?  I would love to hear about what you think, tweet me @emsylous or comment below.

Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Review : The Body Shop Camomile Make-Up Remover

Hello everyone,

I recently mentioned this product in my May favourites video (if you haven't had a chance to watch it yet, link is here) and I didn't have a chance to pop up a post before filming the video. 

I thought as I had already mentioned this that I would post a little more information than I shared in my video.

I am a very simple person.  I like my make up routine to be simple and I like my skin care routine to be simple.  Therefore, I don't really like adding another product into the mix which I don't feel is necessary.  I usually rely on my cleanser to take off my eye make-up but unfortunately when I was using my Soap & Glory hot cloth cleanser (full review here) I found I could not take my eye make-up off with it because it just stung my eyes too much.  Therefore, I reluctantly purchased this eye & lip make-up remover from The Body Shop.

I have to admit, I didn't use it much at first but recently I have loved using it to take my eye make-up off.  Shortly after purchasing this, I stopped using the Soap & Glory Cleanser and changed to the La Roche-Posay effaclar foaming cleanser which is great for combating my combination skin and it did take me eye make-up gently however it was drying out underneath my eyes.  Hence why I turned to this product once again.

As you can hopefully see from this photo, this solution has two parts and you shake the bottle up to mix them together.  I cannot really be sure but I can only assume this is oil based (hence the product separation) and so I thought this would be a good thing to use around my eyes to try and hydrate them a bit more (as well as using under eye cream).

I can say with certainty that the cleanser was drying out my skin under my eyes because since I've switched to using The Body Shop eye & lip make-up remover I have noticed such a difference.  Not only has this helped my skin but this make-up remover is super gentle, no stinging whatsoever and removes all traces of make-up.  I just take a cotton pad for each eye, squirt a little product on and just sweep over the eyes and hey presto.

I have also noticed that my eye lashes are looking in super duper condition at the moment as well and my mascara just looks totally different whenever I apply it recently.  My eyelashes are definitely looking longer and just much healthier they almost look false lashes.

So not only is this product helping me alleviate the poor dried out skin under my eyes but its is also a very gentle, very effective remover of eye make-up and making my lashes look great.

I am getting through this product at rapid rate and I will make sure I pick up a new one before I run out.  If you fancy trying this product then it costs £8.00 and link can be found here.