Tuesday, 18 March 2014

Life \\ Get the Look : Spring / Summer 2014

Hello everybody,

I thought I would share my take on a couple Spring/Summer 2014 make-up trends from the catwalk and how to incorporate them into an everyday look.  I tried to pick the ones which I think are most achievable for a daytime look and the ones which I am likely to be rocking during Spring.

These are just a few ideas which I have taken inspiration from but if you would like to have a look at more up and coming trends then Vogue link is here, Glamour link is here and Harpers Bazaar is here

Bold, Matte Lips

The thing I have been reading most about is bold, bright, matte lips.

Every time I pick up a magazine or get a beauty related e-mail comes through, that is all that I seem to find myself browsing.

The product that springs to mind when I read about this trend is my new Revlon Colour Burst Mate Balm in Striking.

I love this colour and I love this product. 

It is such a beautiful, bright colour which I would describe as a bright red, almost orange.

The product itself is really moist and has such great staying power, this will last for hours.

I have recently reviewed this product, link is here if you want to see a full review and product details, including price and link.

If you want to be bang on trend then why not try an orange lip?

Bronzed Skin & Bronzed Eyes

Bronzed skin is going to be a Spring favourite for 2014.  If you haven't already dug out your bronzer then make sure you do so now.

Bronzed, gilded eyes are also very big.  I have used for the purposes of this post a 'day look' which is a very natural bronzed eye shadow but if you wanted a heavier evening look then you could always go for a gilded dark brown to keep things on trend. 

It is very hard to capture a bronzed look

To create a golden, bronzed look on my eyes I have used MAC eye shadow in 'All That Glitters' and blended it with a colour from the Sleek Idivine Naturals Palette (it was a greeny, shimmery colour, bottom row - second from the left).

In order to create the above look, I used the following products

Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in 'Soft Beige' (applied with RT foundation brush) which contains a little shimmer and I have reviewed this previously, for product details including link and price, please click here.
MAC Mineralise Skinfinish Natural in 'Medium Plus' (applied with RT buffing brush) which I haven't used in such a long time but dug this one out because it is a few shades darker then my skin tone at the moment, link is here.
Real Techniques Brushes  - used the foundation, contour and buffing brush - review coming soon!
Sleek Make-Up Idivine Palette in Au Natural, link is here.
MAC eyeshadow in 'All That Glitters', link to my full review is here.
Revlon Photoready Skinlights Face Illuminator in 'Bare Light' which is great for mixing with foundation to give a  little glow or apply as you would a highlighter.  For these photos I applied to top of my cheekbone and along the bridge of my nose, product link is here.
Benefit Box'o'Powder - in '10' (applied with RT contour brush) and as you can see from the the state of the box, it is fairly ancient but this was just perfect for this post.  It was unfortunately a limited edition so no longer sold but you may already own it as it was popular at the time, it has two bronzing powders, one pink and one golden brown but for this post I used just the golden one on my cheek bones. 

Want to try a bolder style? Then why not try your hand at blue eye shadow for an on trend look. 

The Feline Flick

Black eyeliner is like a LBD, it never goes out of style.  But it is the statement of the cats' eyes flicks that are really making an appearance for Spring / Summer 2014. 

A view from a Selfie

If you are not confident in eyeliner flicks, twists, curves, whatever the style you want to achieve, remember practice makes purrrrrrfect.  For some eyeliner product suggestions, why not check out my previous post here.

However, if you're feeling really brave then try a geometric design.

Glowing Skin

Natural looking, dewy, glowy skin is very in this season.  

Make sure your skin is glowing before you apply your make-up by using No 7's Beautiful Skin Purifying Mask to get rid of any dry, flaky patches and ensure your skin is super soft (for a full review of this product, please click here).  Then to ensure that your skin looks and feels its best, apply Vitamin E Overnight Serum-in-Oil to really plump up your skin and make you look '12 hours of sleep' fresh (for a full review of this product, please click here).  

If you're not feeling brave enough to try the 'no make-up look' which is also a popular look this season then try a little extra coverage with Rimmel's Wake Me Up foundation which contains an anti-fatigue agent which keeps you looking all lovely and glowy.

If you want to try something lighter, then why not try Lancome Miracle Air de Teint Perfecting Fluid Foundation (link is here).


Big messy plaits are a really easy to do casual spring look and polka-straight hair is back so grab your GHDs and heat defence spray and get to work.

Hope you enjoyed reading my post and found this helpful when trying to adapt catwalk looks into your own everyday make-up look.