Saturday, 7 June 2014

Video || Haul : The Body Shop

Hello everybody!

One of my all time favourite places to pick up beauty bits is The Body Shop and I recently made a couple of orders so I thought I would share with you guys some of the products I picked up recently

Hope you enjoy xx

What I am wearing:

Blouse - Dorothy Perkins - £26.00 - link here

Face: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation in Ivory, Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory,  a la carte costmetics divine lash mascara, Rimmel London Scandal Eyes thick and thin eyeliner, Revlon Colourstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick in 095 Finale

Products Mentioned-

Strawberry Shower Gel - £4.00 - link here

Shea Shower Cream - £4.00 - link here

Vitamin E Cream Cleanser - £2.50 for 60ml (as shown) - link here

Vitamin E Eye Cream - £10.00 - link here

Vitamin E Moisture Cream - £10.00 - link here

Vitamin E Illuminating Moisture Cream - £10.00 - link here

Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream - £11.00 - link here

Vitamin E Face Mist - £8.00 - link here

Vitamin E Moisture Serum - £11.00 - link here

Ginger Anti Dandruff Shampoo - £6.50 for 400ml (as shown) - link here

Muslin Cloth - £2.50 - link here

Almond Hand & Nail Cream - £10.00 for 100ml (as shown) - link here

Loose Face Powder in 02 - £12.50 - link here

Extra Virgin Minerals in 205 Rose Vanilla - £16.00 - link here

Almond Body Butter - £13.00 - link here

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Review : Argan Oil Hair Treatment with Vitamin E

Hello everyone,

I recently mentioned this in my May Favourites video ( link is here if you wish to watch it (o: ) and it is so good that I just thought I would write a post about it also.

I picked this up because I was struggling with really terrible dry ends, my hair had gone really course and my normal conditioner just was not cutting it. I had to have my hair dyed twice in one week so this could be the reason behind it as I do not normally suffer with dry hair, it tends to be quite oily so I don't usually have a problem.

I had heard various things about Argan oil products and I also recently picked myself up the a dry spray containing Argan oil so I knew it was good stuff.

I was slightly sceptical at first to try an oil as my main experience with hair oils has been hot oils and I feel they leave your hair very sticky and balmy (is that the right word?) however I was so desperate and I thought this could help.

To use this product all you have to do is apply 2-3 pumps maximum (depending on length of your hair) and just smooth through towel dried hair and away you go.  When you first apply it it smells like cucumber, so yummy :o) this is also supposed to help cut down your hair drying time by up to 50% , however, I do not feel like it takes any less time so I am not sure if I agree with that.  

This product is however absolutely amazing.  It leaves my hair feeling so silky I cannot stop touching it, my hairs feels like it is in such good condition.  It nourishes and looks super shiny and healthy looking and also leaves my hair looking so smooth and frizz-free.  The best thing about it is it is totally weightless, it doesn't feel like I have used any product at all.  

This product has banished that dry hair I was suffering with and has introduced me to the best hair I feel I have had in a very long time.  I don't usually like to throw buzz words out there but the words 'holy grail' definitely spring to mind when I talk about this product, it is something I cannot see myself living without now I have tried it.  I would say it is one of the best hair products I have discovered and I just love using it.  I don't use this currently every time I wash my hair, I will use it at least once a week though and I feel if I wanted to, I could probably use this every time because it is just so light weight.

I think I paid about £9.99 for this but this was on special offer from the usual price of £12.99 in Boots, however, Superdrug is actually cheaper at £9.99 and link is here

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Life \\ Currently Loving : Make Up Brushes

Hi everyone,

I am going to start doing a 'Currently Loving' series whereby I am going to talk about a certain topic i.e. make up brushes, or tv programmes, books; it is not specifically going to beauty related.

The first on my list to talk about are the brushes I am currently loving having in my make up bag and why I love using these brushes and what I use them for and how I like to use them.

I think brushes are quite subjective and just because one persons likes using them, does not mean another is necessarily going to like using them as much.  I think we all use brushes in different ways, I do not think think there is a wrong or right way.

I hope my labels are clear that you can tell what the brush looks like and which one I am talking about, working from top left and round clockwise starting with...

EcoTools Detailer & Shader Brush

This brush is actually part of the 'eye enhancing duo' set which contains two brushes which are double ended, both containing brushes which have specific purposes.  The detailer brush I use for getting in the corner of my eyes to help brighten them up with a light eye shadow or going along my eyelid with dark eye shadow to create a smoker look.  With the shader end I use this to apply the eyeshadow to my eyelid and it blends the product really nicely.  I like these brushes because they were inexpensive, good quality and really easy to transport because you're getting four separate brushes into two. 

These brushes cost £6.99 for the set and link is here.

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Okay, this technically isn't a brush but hey ho. 

I talked about using this sponge recently in my May favourites video (link is here if you wish to view it) and I did have reservations about buying this at first because I'm not really a 'sponge girl'.  Having said that now that I have used this, I will say this just makes my make up look much better.  

I do not generally use this to apply, i.e. I won't put the product on the sponge because I find it just gets absorbed but I will use it to smooth over my make up after I have applied with a brush or I use this to help apply concealer under my eyes because it just always gives a flawless finish.  I used to have days where my foundation just doesn't sit right on my skin and I don't tend to find I have that now that I have bought this sponge, it just blends foundations in very nicely.

This sponge is £5.99 and can be found here.

Real Techniques Expert Face Brush

Another brush I mentioned recently in my May favourites;  I was just loving brushes in May apparently.  This is a liquid and cream foundation brush but I do also use this to apply powder (it's not against the rules to use brushes how you want to use them).  I will usually apply my foundation directly onto my skin with my fingers and then use a brush but then I will blend my foundation into my skin with this really great brush.  Once you've buffed away, you are left with a flawless base and I often use this to blend in concealer on spots because it just does the job so nicely.   I actually bought this to replace the buffing brush which I just didn't get on with at all.  

Much with all the RT brushes, they are not expensive, excellent quality and very reliable. 

This brush is £9.99 and link is here.

EcoTools Smudger & Blender Brush

As above, this double ended brush comes in the same set.   This one is used to blend the product in once it is on your eyelid in order that you can blend two eye shadows and it is is a good crease brush.  The smudging end is excellent for getting a bit of colour along the water line say for instance if you're creating a smoky eye.  All these brushes are excellent quality for the amount of money spent and also do a very good job.

These brushes cost £6.99 for the set and link is here.

The Body Shop Foundation Brush

I love this brush.  Whereas I like to use the Expert Face Brush to buff my foundation in, this brush is good for applying to the face.  The only down side is it does tend to leave behind brush strokes because this made of hair (obviously synthetic) as opposed to bristles and hence the need to use the Real Techniques brush after it.  This just saves me time and I used to use this brush without the RT brush but it just took a little bit longer to get this blended in properly.

This is slightly more expensive at £12.00 and link is here.

Real Techniques Contour Brush

This brush actually comes in the 'Core Collection' set and I must admit I rarely ever contour but I find this an effective brush to apply my blusher with.  This picks up the product well and distributes evenly on the skin.  As with all the other brushes, quality of this is excellent, bristles are super soft and this cleans up really easily.  

The 'Core Collection' set is £21.99 and can be found here.

The Body Shop Face & Body Brush

Last but certainly not least. 

This powder brush is extra soft, so much so I just sit there and run it along my face sometimes.  I know that is a strange thing to say but I just want to convey how wonderfully soft this brush is.  This brush is used for applying loose powder and it does the job really well.  I use this with my Bare Minerals foundation and it picks up the product nicely and distributes it well.  I sometimes like to stipple my powder and this brush does this well also.

It is made of the same synthetic hair as the foundation brush and again this cleans up really nicely.  

Price is £16.00 and link is here.