Saturday, 15 February 2014

Review : Seventeen Berry Crush Lip Stain

Hello lovies!

I cannot remember if I have mentioned before that I am a fan of lip stains / tints but I just love these products for every day office wear.  They are usually pretty natural looking colours and they last more than two cups of tea later.

I have previously bought from the 17 Berry Crush Lip Stain and I was really pleased with this (previous colour was Smokin' Hot which is like a really bright red) so when I saw they had added some new colours I just had to try another one.

So as per usual, I went back to work with a hundred different coloured streaks on the back of my hand but I found what I thought was a very natural colour.  If you have looked at the 17 concessions before, you will notice that they are full of light and barbie pinks which aren't necessarily my style. 

The colour I went for is called 'Peach' and link is here if you fancy having a look at what others they do.

Okay, so I really like lip tints but this was just too dry for me.  After I put this on with the balm over the top, it just got absorbed straight away and made my lips look dry and cracked which is just not a good look.

I am really disappointed with this one because I really like the colour, it was exactly what I was looking for and my other 17 lip stain was the total opposite and was really wet so I am a bit confused on this one as perhaps I just happened to pick up a duff one. 

I am going to persevere with it and perhaps just put it down to picking up one that perhaps was already a little bit dried out.  I will just have to ensure I have some vaseline handy!

Usual price is £4.99

What I am wearing in these photos:

Face : No 7 Protect & Perfect Foundation in Warm Ivory (find me here!), review is here.
Bare Mineral Loose Power in light (find me here!), Collection concealer in medium 3 (find me here!), Maybelline Eraser Eye Concealer (find me here!), review is here.
Rimmel - Accelerator Endless - Extreme Black (find me here!), review is here.

Wednesday, 12 February 2014

Review : Maybelline - The Eraser Eye Perfect and Cover Concealer

Hello fellow beauty enthusiasts!

So if you are a beauty blogger addict like myself, then you may have already seen this product mentioned a few times.  But I wanted to see what all the fuss was about myself and so decided to invest.

A few years ago, I used to own the YSL Touche Eclat pen (link is here) which if you have already heard of this you may know this is a serious investment because not only is it very good but it is also very expensive.

I originally picked this up at Duty Free and in those days you had more shades to pick from then in say Boots or Debenhams.  When I went to replace my one after it had run out I was told they only did one shade unless you were in Duty Free so I was disappointed because I would have liked the same shade again (not available in normal stores).  Like I say, this was a fair few years ago and I see now they do a lot more than just one shade but as much as I loved it, I wanted to try and find myself a cheaper alternative because these things do tend to get used up quickly.

I never did replace it as I didn't really feel the need to but I have noticed lately I do have some pretty dark under eye circles going on and now I have been using this product, I honestly don't know how I used to go without it.

For the purposes of this post, I have left all photos untouched and therefore what you see is the real deal (the things I do for this blog!)

Under eye circles at their finest
When I looked online to see what shades they do, I couldn't really find an awful lot and to be honest, I only saw two shades personally when I bought this but link to Maybelline website is here and they appear to do 5 or 6 shades. I purchased this in 'light' as it is better to get a lighter shade than you would usually use for your foundation when you're looking for an under eye concealer because you are aiming to make your eyes look brighter.

To use this product you have to give it a fair few clicks to get anything to come out but be patient, it will take like 5 minutes! But once product comes to the surface you will see it on the sponge.

So it is up to you how you want to apply it, at first I was dabbing it on with the sponge but patting it with my fingers to blend but in fact I tried just gently using the sponge after dabbing to blend in and it worked just as well.  Don't forget that as well as brushes, your fingers are always a great tool when applying make up (but be sure to wash hands before!).  All I would say is please ensure you do not 'rub' the skin under your eyes but lightly 'dab' as this skin is very delicate.

This product is really creamy and doesn't crease, look dry or flaky after application.  It is highly pigmented and lasts all day long. The fact that this also contains some anti-ageing ingredients mean that I'm also caring for the skin underneath my eyes too so that gets a big thumbs up from me. 

So as you can see, the results are just much more appealing then those tired looking eyes with huge circles underneath!  How ever did I live without it?

Usual Price is £7.99 and link is here but be quick because I know when I was trying to hunt it down in the shops, they were out of either one shade or the other.

Monday, 10 February 2014

Review : No 7 Protect & Perfect Foundation

Hello everyone!

I was getting really concerned my Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation (review is here) was just too dark for me and so I got myself colour matched for Boots No 7 range.

I know I keep banging the drum on No 7 but it really is great and they do a colour match service which is free, no obligation whatsoever and they basically have a little machine which the hold up to your jawline and then it checks your skin colour against their database to find the best shade to suit you.

I originally wanted the Instant Radiance Foundation as I was enjoyed the Wake Me Up in the sense that it made my skin shimmer.  However, when I tried the Instant Radiance on the back of my hand, the coverage seemed too light and I like a medium coverage.

I have enjoyed using the Protect & Perfect eyecream and I thought it couldn't hurt to go that one step further and get a foundation which would do the same to my face.

I got matched to 'Warm Ivory' which looked okay on the back of my hand when I tried it but now I have actually brought the product, I am not sure she took enough of my foundation I was wearing off because it is very 'biscuit'.  

So, I'm working with what I got and in a way I am glad it is a little bit darker then what I usually go for because sometimes if my foundation is too light, once I put my powder over the top I look like Casper so the combination of this new foundation and my Bare Minerals powder work well together.

I got to be honest, at first I thought I had wasted my money but... after using this for about two weeks now I'm glad I purchased it.  It is as I said above slightly worrying when I first apply it but it goes on well, coverage is good and it lasts pretty much all day which is difficult to find. 

I've taken some photos and although I never 'edit' my photo in the sense that I do not have any professional software, I do sometimes brighten them up if the lighting isn't very good.  

For the purposes of this post however, I haven't touched any of my photos because I thought it was important I give a true sense of how this product looks on.  I also did not put powder over the top of my foundation, so what you see is what you get!

Some smiley photos, at last!

 I will probably get colour matched again when I need to replace but I will buy from No 7 again.  

After I had tried the Rimmel as mentioned previously, I must admit I was thinking the one thing I cannot buy is drugstore foundations but this has restored my faith.

On a side note, when I was searching for the link to this I just noticed that Wake Me Up is now available in lighter shades (typical!).

Usual Price is £16.50 and can be found here

Eyes : Rimmel - Accelerator Endless - Extreme Black (find me here!), 
Lips : Body Shop - Lipstick Colour Crush in 335 'Hot Date' (find me here!)

Sunday, 9 February 2014

Love Me Beauty Box #1

Hello everyone!

I recently got January's 'Love Me Beauty' Box, but for blog's sake we shall call this Number One!

So I picked this specific box off the menu because it had a nice looking hand cream which I'm in need of at the moment as my hands are so, so dry with the winter months taking their toll!  So let's begin shall we...

NYX Cosmetics Single Eyeshadow in 'Rock'

Product Description: NYX pressed mineral eye shadows are packed with colour, easy to blend and will last for hours.  Go edgy or understated effortlessly when enjoying these luscious, long-wearing colours from sunrise to sunset.  This shimmery black eye shadow can be used for the ultimate smokey eye look teamed with a gorgeous nude coloured lip.

So I was really excited to see that a NYX product was included in my box because I have not invested in any of their products but have read lots about them from.  And I was really pleased with the results of this.

This probably wouldn't be a shade I would usually opt for but the colour was a random selection so I am just glad it wasn't an orange or a colour I would have really hated because I can see myself using this when creating a smokey eye look.  The colour is really more of a sparkly dark grey (not black as above) and the product itself was really easy to apply.  It went on nicely and doesn't crease and even after taking photos for the blog, I left this on and it stayed on for the rest of the day.  Like most sparkly eyeshadows, I was left with quite a few bits of glitter under my eyes but this should be expected.

Below are a few photos, including simply just using this product and also blending it with part of my Sleek palette.  I think it looks better blended in with a lighter colours, I thought the colour on its own was too heavy for me.  
Just using NYX on its own.
Lips: Rimmel by Kate Moss Matte Lipstick 'Wine 107' - full review available.
Just using NYX on its own.
Lips: Rimmel by Kate Moss Matte Lipstick 'Wine 107'.

With NYX and Sleek blended together
Lips : No 7 Intense Shine Lip Crayon in 'Sultry Kiss' - review coming soon.

Usual Price is £5.00 and link is here for a catalogue of all their available single shades. 

Would I buy this: I am unlikely to buy this colour again but the product itself was good and lasted well, so I will I will try and find myself a shade that will get more use out of on a regular basis.

Cosmetics a la Carte Divine Lash Mascara in Black

Product Description: Divine Lash comes with a slim tapered flexible brush, perfect for reaching every lash from corners to bottom lashes.  This mascara gives a lovely even coating of mascara upon application.  With a precise brush, the mascara combs through lashes to create length and definition with the advantage of no clumps.

Owww I got really excited about this product because it looks so nice, doesn't it?

I really like the product casing, shiny shiny and as I have already mentioned, this is my favourite kind of brush type so when I opened it I was really pleased.  It like many of the other mascaras I have tried recently has a little 'stopper' which helps wipes off excess mascara once you pull it out the tube. 

It applies really nice and defines lashes well.  My eyelashes looked lovely and long after use and I'm just really pleased with this as I had sort of lost faith in premium brand mascaras (after I bought so many with much disappointment).  

Lips : Body Shop Colour Crush Lipstick in Hot Date - as previously featured in January favourites
 I am wearing this mascara in all my photos except the ones where I have blended NYX with Sleek (as I took these photos on a different day) but I think if you look at the difference between the photos above where I am wearing this mascara and a Rimmel one, you can really see how much darker this one is and how it separates and coats more lashes.

Usual Price is £23.00 (and I got a full product not a sample so size is as in photo above) and can be found here.

Would I buy this: Yes I probably would be likely to buy this again if I happen to come across it.

Lord & Berry Eye Pencil in 'Mirror Black'

Product Description: Make your eyes stand out with this Lord & Berry Polish Eye Pencil.  The glossy black formula creates sharp definition with rich pigmentation.  Easy to apply, it can be smudges for a smokey look or applies to line eyes leaving a shine of liquid liner.  Rich and creamy, it long-lasting for an all-day definition.

This was another product I had read about and was looking forward to trying. 

Unfortunately, this just did nothing for me.  Perhaps it is because it is 'mirror black' with the sparkle in it and not just black.  In my opinion a sparkly eyeliner would perhaps be aimed at a teenager; I don't know if as a grown up woman I would every pick up an eyeliner with glitter in it.  

I don't really have much else to add, I didn't think it was either rich or creamy and I cannot really comment as it whether it was long lasting or not as I couldn't wait to get it off.
Lips : Lips: Rimmel by Kate Moss Matte Lipstick 'Wine 107'.

Usual Price is £8.95 and above picture is full size, link is here.

Would I buy this: Well, no. However, I am not going to let this put me off the whole brand and I will endeavour to find another product by Lord & Berry in the future. 

All these eye products, lets move on shall we?

Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier (250ml)

Product Description: Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier infuses hair with volume, shine and softness while protecting and maximising the vibrancy of colour-treated hair.  This 100% vegan rich conditioning mousse adds fullness and volume without feeling heavy and leaves hair beautifully soft and shine.

I've been using this mousse for a couple of weeks now since getting this box and I must say it is really good. It appears to help hold my colour with every use and keeps the colour 'just had my hair dyed' fresh looking and has a really nice shine after use.  

I always blow dry my hair upside down anyway because that creates good volume on its own but adding this mousse after washing makes my hair feel and look thicker as well as look bigger and more volumised.  I wash my hair every other day and it is still nice and bouncy the next day. 

Smell is okay, it sort of smells of baby shampoo a little bit.  I have smelt nicer hair products but perhaps this is due to the fact this is a 100% vegan ingredients.  It also doesn't leave my hair feeling sticky or crunchy afterwards which some mousses can be guilty of.

The one problem I have with this mousse is that where I had a red in my hair before I died it brown again, it keeps picking out the red. Although I know my hair is currently a mahogany colour anyway so it does not really matter that much, I can see at the ends it looks a lot more red where my old colour is still growing out.  Perhaps I am being pedantic but this is a reviews blog so I have to be honest. 

So, if you have used more than one colour and they quite different, this is not such a great feature. But having said that, if you're looking for a product which really helps lock in and invigorate colour and you have only had one colour or similar colours on your hair then this would really do the trick.

FYI: I have used this product in all my photos as above so you can see how shiny my hair looks.

Usual Price is £15.15 (what is with the odd prices of beauty products?) and this is only a sample size of 65 ml but usual size is 250 ml.  I managed to find this on Feel Unique but perhaps I'm not the only convert as this appears to be out of stock!  Link is here if you want to give this product or any of their products in the range a try. 

Would I buy this: Yes.  I have noticed no fade whatsoever on my hair colour yet and aside from my little whine above, it is actually a really great product!  Also, although I would not be likely to pick up a product that is made of 100% vegan ingredients, I am actually more comfortable in the knowledge I'm not putting any nasties into my hair so that is also a big plus. When I was searching for a link for you guys I also happened to find their heat defence spray which I think I might treat myself to on the basis this is out of stock currently.

Weleda Sea Blackhorn Hand Cream

Product Description: Rich in vitamins and unsaturated fatty acids, the precious sea buckhorn and sesame oils in this soothing balm gives rough, dry, hard-working hands an intensive moisture boost.  Essential for this time of the year, the non-greasy formula melts quickly into the skin to repair damage.

I liked this hand moisturiser.  Product smells like gin and tonic I think, but, perhaps that is just me.  Left my hands slightly sticky afterwards but I can overlook that as since I started using this I haven't had any dry skin on my hands.   

I do have an awful lot of hand creams at work and I must say, nothing had helped moisturise my hand as well as this has.

Usual Price is £9.95 and this is only a 10 ml sample size, usual size is 50 ml, link is here.

Would I buy this: Yes I think I would but I perhaps would not go out of my way to find it.  I will keep it in mind and if I come across it, I would probably purchase. 

So my favourite product from this box has got to be the Pureology Colour Stylist Silk Bodifier and I will be purchasing this once it is back in stock and my least favourite is as you can probably guess the Lord & Berry Polish Eye Pencil.

If you are interested in getting your hands on a beauty box, I really enjoy Love Me Beauty and link is here but there are so many others out there, so experiment until you find the right one for you.

What I am wearing in these photos:

Face : No 7 Protect & Perfect Foundation in Warm Ivory (find me here!) - review coming soon
Bare Mineral Loose Power in light (find me here!) and Collection concealer in medium 3 (find me here!)
Lips: As mentioned on photos, sorry, this was slightly disjointed.