Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Consistency is the key : Evening Routine #1

I recently spoke about my morning routine and I also thought it might be an idea to include my evening routine which tends to contain a few more products then in the morning.  During the evening I have far more time to concentrate on my skins needs and really assess how it feels and looks than when I'm rushing around in the morning trying to get ready for work.

I spoke recently about how much difference getting into the same routine using the same products has made to my skin.  I've noticed a definite improvement; in fact I suffer with less blemishes, the overall texture and look and feel to my skin since treating my skin to a bit of consistency.

Sunday, 15 February 2015

Video || Big Collective Haul

Hey guys,

I've been doing a lot of shopping and spending recently and have picked up some great products which I thought I'd put all into one big video to give you some inspiration for your next spend up.

The video features some affordable, some mid-range and some high end products so there's something in there for everyone hopefully!