Tuesday, 17 February 2015

Consistency is the key : Evening Routine #1

I recently spoke about my morning routine and I also thought it might be an idea to include my evening routine which tends to contain a few more products then in the morning.  During the evening I have far more time to concentrate on my skins needs and really assess how it feels and looks than when I'm rushing around in the morning trying to get ready for work.

I spoke recently about how much difference getting into the same routine using the same products has made to my skin.  I've noticed a definite improvement; in fact I suffer with less blemishes, the overall texture and look and feel to my skin since treating my skin to a bit of consistency.

Here are some of the products which I using nightly in order to regain a bit of balance and calmness to my skin.

The first step in my evening routine is taking off the day's make-up and I really love double cleansing currently as the first cleanse is ideal to take make up off and then the second cleanse does a good job of actually cleansing the skin.

I really love oil cleansers for taking off my make up as they melt and break down make up as opposed to just pushing it around my face.  I am currently using The Body Shop Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (2) which I find very pleasant to use - the smell is nice and my skin looks soothed and feels silky after use. I am even able to use this to take off my eye make up without any trouble (i.e. stinging or blurry vision after use).

Next up I enjoy using a creamy cleanser to help put some moisture back into my skin.  The one I'm reaching for at the moment to help calm and clarify my sensitive skin is the Pai Camellia and Rose Gentle Hydrating Cleanser (5).  My skin loves this all natural cleanser after taking off my make up off and after use my skin feels hydrating and looks even and calm.

After cleansing I will use one of the following products, alternating night by night throughout the week:

To help keep blemishes at a manageable level I have been using the Soap & Glory Fab Pore 2 in 1 Facial Pore Purifying Mask (3) every other night for a maximum of three nights a week.  This is a great mask if, like me, you suffer constantly with blemishes as it helps unclog pores which means it keeps new spots away and the old ones at bay.

Once a week week I like to just use the La Roche Posay Effaclar Astringent Lotion (Micro Exfoliant) (1) after cleansing which helps to tighten and unblock pores to leave behind a fresher, more refined appearance to my skin.  I have found this to be really effective at making my skin a lot clearer and I really believe this product is something which helps to relieve the symptoms of being an acne sufferer.

When I'm not using the above after cleansing then I like to apply the NUXE Crème Fraiche 24hr Moisturizing Mask (6) as a hydrating mask which helps to calm down my skin.  This is a great one for sensitive skin as it's paraben-free; this mask leaves skin feeling soothed and comfortable again and my skin seems to drink it up.  In the morning when I wake up my skin looks hydrated, refreshed and relaxed.   

I love using the Origins Eye Doctor (4) under eyes nightly as it's a very soothing under eye cream which does a lot of good work.  I suffer with crepe-y eyelids and my under eye can sometimes get a bit dry and this eye cream works wonders on both top lid and under neath.  It is very gentle and contains cucumber which helps sooth and calm the skin so that means I don't wake up with puffy eyes which is always a good thing.

Last thing in my routine is apply the Soap & Glory Dr Spot (7) spot treatment which I have spoken about a lot recently but it's a really great, effective treatment which won't cost you the earth.  Gel based and dried completely invisible this treatment is ideal for at night and in the morning and I always end up using twice a day with no adverse affects.

What does your evening routine consist of?  Are you in the habit of using the same products?

Emma xx

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