Tuesday, 26 May 2015

New In : Nars Mini Haul

I was first introduced to Nars back in September last year when I treated myself to my first bottle of Nars Sheers Glow Foundation as a birthday treat.  After using up my first bottle recently and wanting to try more offerings from Nars, I headed to Space NK to tick off a few products off my 'to try' list that's constantly evolving in my head.

First up I had to repurchase the Nars Sheer Glow Foundation which I was quickly running out of and whilst I was in store, I got a re-colour match just to double check I was still the same shade.  It turns out the Mont Blanc is still a good match for me so I grabbed another bottle of that.  If you are thinking of buying this foundation, it's amazing and I have done a full review post here

I have noticed that, although I have never before suffered with dark circles on a constant basis (occasionally, yes when I didn't get enough sleep!), I am suffering with these huge dark rungs under my eyes and so concealer under my eyes is now a daily need.  I could previously get away with a light concealer (like the Maybelline Instant Rewind Concealer) but at the moment I really need something that's heavy duty and that will last the course of the day and help brighten up the eye area. I had heard good things about Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer and therefore picked this up in the shade Vanilla which is an excellent match to my skin tone and blends in nice and easy.  
First Impressions: I like to draw a 'v' from one corner of the eye to the other and blend using either my finger tips or the EcoTools Concealer Brush.  The coverage is great and the formula makes such a great difference to brightening the eye area - it's so noticeable how much difference this makes to tired eyes.  As the name suggests, this goes on creamy and is not drying to the eye area.  I will do a full post on this soon as I am really impressed with this product.

I really love a good highlighter and I have had my eye on the Nars Illuminator in Copacabana for a little while now and I thought it was a good chance to give it a go.  Copacabana is a pearly-pink which is what I tend to go for when looking at highlighters as I find they tend to go better with blushers (which are often pink lets face it).
First Impressions: Wow.  This is very high lightening.  I wore this to work a couple of days and I think may be I will reserve this for special occasions when I want more of a glow.  I was a little disappointed with how small the tube is but in all honesty, a little goes a long way and you really don't want to get too heavy handed with it.  I have been using this along the tops of my cheekbones, down the centre of my nose and a small amount on my cupids bow and I love it.  It's really gorgeous glow but if you're not into glitter you may find it a bit too much.  I will again do a full post - I am thinking of doing a small video so you can get a real feel for the product.  

Overall I'm really pleased with all my purchases and now I have found another few products from Nars which will definitely be repurchased.

Have you tried anything from Nars or any of the above products? If so I would love to hear from you!

Emma xx

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