Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Three Products For Summer Ready Legs

Once the British sunshine has peaked through the sky for more than four days in a row, then we all know it's British Summer Time.  Say goodbye to those 100 denier black tights and hello to floaty summer dresses and strappy sandals.
Today's post is all about the products I like to use to prep and prime my legs so they are ready to be displayed on the odd occasion the sun decides to put his hat on.

First up you gotta do some preparation work and that means exfoliate so you don't get an nasty bumpy ingrown hairs and you can slough off that dead skin.  My favourite body scrubs are The Body Shop's as they are usually sugar based and melt into an oil which leaves my skin smelling lovely and silky smooth.  I managed to pick up The Body Shop's Early-Harvest Raspberry Body Scrub which was a big hit last year but unfortunately no longer stocked.  This smells delicious and actually looks good enough to eat, and just getting a whiff really puts me in a summer-y mood.  

There are various different hair removal ways and my favourite is the classic razor for my legs as it's quick effective and doesn't take any time to plan ahead.  When I need to get ready during the week I don't have time to think about things and it's all about speed and hence why I just like to shave. 

Regardless of hair removal method I always get ingrown hairs, it is so annoying.  For the most part a good set of sterilised tweezers will do the job but sometimes there's one that just doesn't want to budge and I don't want to damage my skin trying to get at it.  Boot's Smooth Care Ingrown Hair Minimiser is a great solution for when I have stubborn ingrown hair; a small blob of this applied to a cotton pad and applied twice daily (for no more than 5 days) can help lift the hair to the surface so no painful and comfortable boil to contend with.

My lizard legs love a bit of moisturiser but sometimes when they're extra scaly, I need something a bit more hard hitting.  Nib & Fab's Dry Leg Fix is a great solution for when my legs are feeling extra dry; they instantly bring life and much needed hydration and make my skin look much smoother.  This intensive moisturiser contains shea butter to restore moisture and promote elasticity and glycerin which helps soften and hydrate the skin.

What are you products to use when getting summer ready legs?

Emma x

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