Monday, 19 January 2015

Starting Fresh : 2015 Aspirations

Hi guys,

I feel like it has been a very long time since I last put down my thoughts onto my little space on the internet and to be honest, it has.

However, now that the new year is upon us I have decided that I need to start dedicating myself to my little blog again.  I thought a good start for a first post would be to write about my 2015 aspirations.

Now, I am certainly not the kind of person to go making new years' resolutions because I know I always break them without fail; so instead, I'm going to call them 'aspirations' as they're less changes and more about doing things and looking to the future.

So here's a few things I want to get taken care for the forthcoming year

Growing My Audience

I'm not really sure why I fell of the blogging band wagon but one day, I just couldn't get motivated to make videos, take new photos or even bother editing the videos I had already recorded.  Around September / October I was studying hard for my last exam for a professional qualification that had  taken me a year to achieve and I kept promising myself that I would finally get motivated once that exam was gone.  Well, that came and went and alas, I still couldn't get motivated.

Therefore, I made a new promise to myself and that was to get motivated after the new year.  It felt like a good time to start a fresh and hopefully now that I have no excuses distractions I will be able to stick to my blogging and vlogging schedules.

I really hope that after one year of blogging on and off that I can concentrate on growing my audience both on my blog and on my YouTube channel as I really enjoy the interaction when commenting back on blog posts, commenting on Twitter statuses of fellow bloggers and seeing that people are watching my videos and leaving me their thoughts.

Blogging and YouTube has grown extensively in 2014 and hopefully will blow up more in 2015 and I intend to come along for the ride.

Fresh New Feels, Better Content and Better Photography

You may notice that as well as changing my blog name from Emsy Lou to Her Glamourati that I have also changed up my blog layout.  This I hope will keep things fresh.  I was finding my old layout a bit cluttered and I wasn't keen on the colours anymore so I have gone back to basics and got the lovely Serena from Pretty Wild Things Blog Designs to help me out with a slick new layout which I'm really pleased with.

As well as the new name and layout, I have also thought long and hard about my content.  Singular  product reviews are okay but when I read a blog I like, the posts I enjoy reading the most are innovative and original and I realised that perhaps I'm not getting enough original content into my blog.  I want my blog posts and vlogs to be interesting to watch and inspiring to read and not just me talking about how much I like a product.  So I will be sitting down and really thinking about what I write, read and put out there before posting.

Although having original content is really important, I actually find the things that draw me into reading a post are good images and photography.  Therefore, I have also changed the way I photograph products and have invested some time into thinking about a cleaner, fresher look to my photography and hopefully anyone reading this will enjoy better quality and thought out images.  I also bought a new lens some time ago which I have filmed with a couple of times but I don't actually think I've photographed with so hopefully this will also improve things.

Run, Run, Run

Although 2014 was the year I finally braved running, in public, I can't escape the feeling that if I had a goal and something to work toward, it would be help me push myself a little bit harder.  Therefore, I have promised myself that I will do a 10K run at some point in the coming months in order to give me the drive I need to help me push myself mentally and physically.

I recently went to RunnersNeeds to get my gait analysed and I was really impressed with the customer service and knowledge of the staff there who are very helpful.  I ended up picking up a pair of good running shoes after I found out I had a neutral gait and I'm now all set.  If you're thinking of also starting out then I would highly recommend finding your local store and popping for a quick analysis.

Getting in touch with my inner bookworm

I love a good book but the trouble is I think I love buying them more than I love reading them.  Even though I own a Kindle, I often find myself wandering into W H Smiths at lunchtime, picking up a book and then what do you know, I've bought four because it's buy one get one for a £1 and it would be rude not to really.  Therefore, in 2015 it's the year I stop buying books and start concentrating what I've not yet read.  I have also made a pact with myself that I will stop buying paper books and ensure I read every book I currently have on my Kindle.

Be a 'Yes (Wo)Man'

I have in recent years stopped being the outgoing and fun person I felt like I used to be.  I don't know what changed but now I find myself finding any excuse not to go out or not to do certain things and this year is the year I make a conscious effort to stop.  I need to leave my insecurities and fears behind me and going forward into 2015 I will say yes to experiences, holidays, outings and whatever else comes my way (within reason of course!).

Give the gift that keeps on giving, blood.

Just before Christmas, I felt like I needed to do a good thing.  So I signed up to the Blood Donor website and registered myself.   Two days ago, the letter come through the post with a form and date for my next local Give Blood drive and I plan on booking an appointment and doing something completely selfless and life saving.

My Dad has been a blood donor for years, he has been rewarded with two pins which means he's given blood over 50 times.  Every time he comes back, he always says I should come with him but like most people, I get very uncomfortable around needles.

With much determination, I have decided this year to put my fear aside and do something good which will benefit someone else.

And that's it - there are my goals and aspirations for 2015;  I am trying to stay away from my usual get fitter and slimmer, be a nicer person, swear and moan less as I know I am unlikely to stick to them for the long haul.  So instead, I've just concentrated on things that aren't necessarily going to be easy but if I can stick to them, will be beneficial not only to me but to others as well hopefully.

Do you have any new goals for 2015?  If so I'd love to hear about them!

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