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Review : Eau Thermale Avène

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Another review is winging your way today.

If you watched my Boots Haul video on my YouTube channel then you may be familiar with these two products already.

Avène was a brand I first saw in my local pharmacy and I thought, if it's got a little ` over the e it has got to be French (what a genius I must be) and therefore it might be along the same lines as my beloved La Roche-Posay (if you want to watch me prattle on for 25 minutes about this brand then take a look at my video).  However, I didn't purchase it at first and I actually ended up ordering these products off of the Boots website with some various other bits and pieces because I wanted to come home and read some reviews first.

I don't base all my purchases off of reviews I have read but if there is a brand I haven't tried before or unfamiliar with then I want to do a little research into it before committing.  

Needless to say I read some great things and I was really excited to try these out.

First up is the Thermal Spring Water which, if you watched my recent Boots haul video, you will know I labelled 'water in a can', which is the basic idea of this product.  

I was slightly sceptical at first with this but I ended up buying it due to the fact that this was a similar concept to the popular La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water Spray.  If you have read my blog before or watched my videos then you may already know that I, like so many others, am the biggest fan of the La Roche-Posay range and therefore I'm always looking for brands and products that are similar to fall in love with.  

Having put aside my scepticism, I actually really enjoy using this product.  It is expensive for what it is but this has been really great recently due to the weather being so warm because you can use this as like a 'cooler'.  However, I tend to use this overnight after I have cleansed and applied whatever lotion / moisturiser I am using on, I will literally just drench my face so that it is practically dripping with water.  You probably don't have to use this much but it absorbs so quickly it is just nice to have a cool face before going to bed.  I love the results in the morning, my skin feels and looks hydrated and I think this is just a great extra in my evening routine because it just sets everything in place and helps everything just work together better than it would without using it.  

For instance I love applying this after using the La Roche-Posay Effaclar Duo and A.I. because I just find I wake up with better results in the morning because it's really setting the products into my skin overnight.  I also find after using a moisturiser then just giving a spray of this over the top just gives me a more hydrated face than normal in the morning.  This is also really great at calming down any redness on my skin; in the morning if I get out the shower and my face is looking a bit irritated I could use this and it will just take the edge off the redness. 

To summarise, this is a great product if you're looking for something extra in your morning or evening skin care routine but this is not what I would call 'essential'.  I could live without this but it's just a great little extra now I have found it.  Other uses for this would include using it as a treatment to help cool down on a hot day or using on skin after sunburn or alternatively you could set your make-up with it as a little extra refresher instead of your using a specific setter.

Onto the Skin Recovery Cream now and I should mention that the Eau Thermal range is targeted at sensitive, irritated skin but I think out of the two, this product is more so than the Thermal Water.  This is initially the product I actually wanted to try the most because I do suffer from a slight redness on my skin especially on the cheeks and around the nose.  

I was really looking forward to trying this product which claims to sooth irritated skin and calm down redness.  This product is actually made up of over 50% of the Thermal Spring Water so I was hoping to just get the best results EVER.

I have been applying this before bed as a sort of overnight treatment, but I have to be honest, I haven't really noticed any astonishing results.  I don't see any immediate results upon application (which I don't expect to but in a lot of reviews other people have said they do?) and I don't wake up in the morning after using this and think "wow".  It doesn't contain any SPF so I would not be too keen on using this on its own and a moisturiser over the top would be too much for my skin.  The formula is actually quite thick and it is does leave a tacky-ness to my skin where I can't get the product to be 100% absorbed.

Would I buy this product again?  Unlikely.  It isn't necessarily a bad product, it's just not one for me.  It is good in that it doesn't break out my skin but then it's also not too good because I don't really see any results from using it.  It's just a bit of a blah, which is a massive shame because I had high hopes.

Would I buy other products from the Eau Thermal range again? Certainly!  I would be inclined to purchase a cleanser or a toner in the future and I will let you guys know if I do.

The Thermal Spring Water RRP is £6.50 for 150ml and link is here.
The Skin Recovery Cream RPP is £12.50 and link is here.

Have you tried anything from the Eau Thermale range? If so, let me know what you think by commenting below or tweeting me @emsylous :o)

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