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Review : Drug Store Haul - Mascara

Hi everyone!

I have recently bought a few new products and I thought I'd give a quick review and also share some photos so you can see the results.

L'OREAL - Volume Million Lashes - Noir Excess

I have been a fan of Million Lashes since this product first arrived on the shelves and have tried this in a brown and also just a standard black but seeing as I have loved those so much I thought I would give 'Noir Excess' a try.  This colour is easily distinguishable by it is in a red packaging as opposed to the standard gold packaging.

When I am looking for a mascara I tend to pick up wands that are plastic and not the kind that are like 'chimney sweeper'.  I just think that the product goes on better and also in my opinion you tend to get longer, thicker looking lashes which are more 'fanned out'. The bottle also has like a 'stopper' so that when you pull the brush out it wipes off any excess mascara so you don't end up with too much on the brush which is quite a handy feature.

Sorry the picture isn't very good but hopefully you understand what I'm trying to describe!

The Noir Excess is just as good, if not better, than the other ones I have tried from L'Oreal in this range.  It makes my lashes look so long.  The first time I tried it I almost felt it looked like I had false lashes on after applying two coats.  I also really like the fact that it is such a dark, dark black.

There are a couple of draw backs with this mascara and one being is that sometimes the product can be too 'glupy' and slightly too thick and I find it difficult to separate my lashes with it. 

The other negative I would say is that if you are used to buying drug store mascaras then this is probably one of the more expensive ones available.  I purchased this for £10.99 at Boots and as that is where I bought it from, link is here

Rimmel - Accelerator Endless - Extreme Black

It was actually my Mum who picked this one up before me and I just happened to grab it out of her make-up bag as I was rushing out the door.  She had the original Rimmel London Lash Accelerator Endless Mascara which is in a luminous yellow packaging but recently when I was (again) in Boots I was looking at the Rimmel concession and I thought I would give this one a whirl myself as I'd enjoyed using my Mum's. However, I thought I would give the 'Extreme Black' a chance as I really like very black lashes (this one comes in a black packaging instead).

Again the wand is a plastic one with lots of bristles and also the same sort of mechanism where you pull out the wand and it stops any excess mascara from going on the brush which means you don't suffer from any clumps!

The product itself boasts 'grow lash complex and fibres mascara' so I guess that is something I will have to comment on once I've finished using this one.

I must admit I haven't really had a chance to use this as yet as I like to use mascaras one at a time as I tend to find they dry out so easily if you aren't using them on a regular basis.  But I have tried this one today and the results were amazing.  This product made my eyelashes look so long and so full and I think I actually prefer this one to the L'Oreal and I'm really looking forward to using it on a daily basis.  This wasn't too thick at all and applied like a dream, fanning out my lashes.

This was on offer at the time and I paid £5.99 but normal price is £7.99 which is still a complete bargain for the quality of product, if you would like to buy this product link is here

So that you can see the difference the below photo shows my left eye has the L'Oreal on (side closest to the wall) and my right eye has the Rimmel (side closest to the window)

Right side - Rimmel

Left side - L'Oreal

What I am wearing in these photos:

Face : Rimmel Wake Me Up in Soft Beige (find me here!), Bare Mineral Loose Power in light (find me here!) and Collection concealer in medium 3 (find me here!)
Eyes : Sleek I Divine Eye Shadow - Au Natural Palette (find me here!)
Lips : Body Shop - Lipstick Colour Crush in 335 'Hot Date' (find me here!)
Nails : IBD Gel Polish in Smoky Plumb (find me here!) (warning I have my nails done in a salon and I think you will need a UV lamp for these types of nail varnishes to set).

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