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Review : Drug Store Haul - Eyes

Hello everyone,

I recently purchased some new products for my eyes and so here is my quick review on them all.

Rimmel 5 Pan Eyeshadow in Brixton Brown

This little palette caught my eye because I really liked the middle colour alone and I'm very into neutral colours and I tend to find most browns / golds look nice with my eye colour  (brown / green / hazel).  

This is such a great starter for anyone who is not used to using eyeshadow but want to experiment as on the back of the packaging it has a little guide on where to put each colour and on what part of the eye.  

Colours blended really nicely and made a pleasant shimmery brown.  This palette would be really ideal for work or if I was going out then I would probably put slightly more product on in order to deepen the colours.

Overall I was really pleased with the colour this palette produced but the best thing about it was that it did not crease which is really great when, if like me, you find that products tend to crease because you have oily skin. I left this product on for about 6 hours after I tested it and found that although it faded slightly, it was still visible when I took my make up off and it stayed put really well.  

This palette was reasonably priced at £6.99 and I picked this up in my local supermarket but you can find it here if you want to pick this up where you can earn points.


I was attending a work function recently and wanted a slightly more dramatic look as opposed to my usual work daytime look and so invested in two new eyeliners.  They are Max Factor Colour X-Pert Waterproof Eyeliner in Deep Black (which I have read some good things about) and also Rimmel London Scandaleyes Thick & Thin Eyeliner also in Black (which I picked up for the applicator).

Obviously the difference is one is waterproof  and smudgeproof and the other is just normal.  The other difference is the Max Factor is just a normal liquid eyeliner brush whereas the Rimmel is designed like a pen with a thick and thin nib which is super great and easy if you're a beginner.  

I really enjoy using both of these products but for different reasons.  

Looking at the picture, left eye is Maxfactor and on the right eye is Rimmel

The Max Factor because it is waterproof will last all night long with no touch ups, can create a great curve with the brush and also a really easy flick at the ends.  The only down side I think is that when it goes on it looks gappy around the lashes and it appears to be because the liquid is too wet and therefore product does not apply as well as it should.  I had to wait to give this one time to dry off and then applied again to fill in any gaps which is not really ideal if you are in a rush.

I bought this for £6.99 and if you would like to purchase you will find it here

Max Factor Colour X-Pert

However, the Rimmel is really great for actually just drawing round the eyelid which makes it super easy to apply.  It doesn't give the best flicks as it is just too blocky and not fluid enough and it doesn't really give much a curve either, it  is is more of just a straight line but you can get so close to the lashes and it is so easy to see and fill in any gaps with this one.  

I bought this product at full price of £5.49 but at Boots at the moment it is on special offer, find it here.

Rimmel Scandaleyes

I actually tend to use both of the products together when I am going out, the Max Factor to create a really nice curve and flick at the ends and then the Rimmel to fill in any gaps around the lashes or at the outside corner of the eye.  They are both really good products but just for different reasons and depending on how confident you are applying liquid eye liner. 

If you are just starting out using liquid eye liners then the best advice I can give is just to keep practising and always to have cotton buds at the ready!

What I am wearing in these photos (in addition to products mentioned above):

Face : Rimmel Wake Me Up in Soft Beige (find me here!), Bare Mineral Loose Power in Light (find me here!) and Collection concealer in medium 3 (find me here!)
Eyes : Rimmel - Accelerator Endless - Extreme Black (in eyeshadow photo only / no mascara in eyeliner photos) (find me here!)
Lips : Eyeshadow photos - Boutique Lip Gloss in Don't Gloss Me Around, available at Sainsbury's / eyeliner photos - Body Shop - Lipstick Colour Crush in 335 'Hot Date' (find me here!)

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