Saturday, 25 January 2014

Review : Foundation - Rimmel Wake Me Up

Hello everyone!

I recently needed a new foundation so I thought I would try something new for a change. 

I am always on the hunt for the 'perfect foundation' and I decided to pop into Boots and after testing out a number of foundations, I thought I would give Rimmel London's 'Wake Me Up' a try. 

On the colour chart

The closest colour I could match was 200 'soft beige' but this is slightly darker then I would like for winter and would perhaps in future try a lighter shade.

It's all about the money

This foundation was pretty inexpensive at £6.99 which at the time had £2.00 off and usual RRP is £8.99, however believe this offer is still on for now in Boots but unsure about other stores.

Product Details

I have been using this product for about two weeks now and to apply I usually put a pea size blob on the back of my hand and then use a foundation brush to apply all over my face and then blend in.  

I found Wake Me up a good product which I am using as a base under loose powder.  Coverage is medium, I have found that it evens out my skin and covers most imperfections I may have like blemishes and I also suffer with slight redness on my cheeks and this foundation does a good job of covering this up.  

 The product claims to be anti-fatigue and give a radiant glow which means it has a slight shimmer contained within which gives your skin  the 'glow'.  Ordinarily, this is not something I would usually want in my foundation however, this helps to gives me a nice glow for the winter months.  I'm not sure how well this product would work for me during the summer as I prefer to have my face looking more matte as I suffer from quite oily skin so I will probably use this only for the winter months as a little pick me up for my skin.

This product also has a nice smell to it which is not crucial of course but it smells quite fresh and it is actually really pleasant. 

Overall verdict

I am enjoying using this product, and I would buy this again although as I said above, perhaps in a slightly lighter shade.

I would recommend this product to other people but if you are not keen on the idea of the shimmer I would not suggest this foundation as it is quite obvious when the sun is shining but for the winter I think it makes a nice change to have a little skin glow. 

If you would like to buy this product then link is here: Rimmel Wake Me Up Foundation.

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