Monday, 29 June 2015

Scalp Rescue for Coloured Hair

I have been colouring my hair for about two years now and I have really noticed within the last six months that it is starting to take its toll on my scalp.

Dealing with an itchy, built up scalp is not much fun; I use shampoos that are for coloured hair and they're possibly not the best for scalp condition but I like to keep colour vibrancy.  Any good anti dandruff shampoos which will help clear the scalp will also strip the colour from my hair so I thought I would try a leave in product specifically to help care for my scalp.

TRESemmé's Renewal Hair & Scalp is a tonic which is applied directly to the scalp straight after you have just washed your hair.  Taking it a section at a time and concentrating on areas where it is really needed (for me it's right at the base of my skull) just lift the hair, tip the bottle up and let a few drops cover the scalp.  It leaves a nice cooling sensation after application and the scent is really lovely and fresh.  After application, just leave in and style / dry as normal.

Inside the bottle is tea tree extract which is known to help with dandruff and sunflower seed oil which is known for its smoothing qualities.

At first I was a little bit worried that this would leave my hair weighed down or greasy but when it comes out the bottle it is a really light liquid and I don't even notice it is on my scalp.  After drying my hair smells lovely and still feels light and bouncy.  I definitely notice a big difference in my scalp after using this product regularly, my scalp feels healthier and my hair feels much thicker and looks longer.  In fact my hairdresser actually made a comment on how long my hair had got when I went back to for a trim.

I am really pleased with the results of using this product and I will almost certainly be repurchasing in the future.

Have you used the TRESemmé's Renewal Hair & Scalp Tonic before?  I would love to know your thoughts!

Emma xx

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