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Currently Loving : Favourite TV Shows

I am a major TV addict and as such I will have 10+ shows on the go at any given time.  These might be brand new series or just a new season starting of a show I have followed before.

Todays post is all about what TV shows I am loving on the box right now.
I like a real mixture of TV; sometimes I just need some utter nonsense where I can switch off after a long day and other times I like a show to make me think and question every decision which is being made.  Here's a few of my favourite shows which are currently on and what I like about each one.

The Affair
Sky Atlantic // New Episodes Wednesdays at 9 pm

I wanted to watch this when it first started and I am not sure why but I never bothered.  After recently having a few days off work and having caught up with my TV for the week (!) I decided to give the first episode a go and see how I felt.  I was absolutely hooked and ended up watching back-to-back the first 5 episodes On Demand.

This show follows two people who meet and begin an affair; the episode is set in two parts - Noah's Story and Alison's Story and for the first few episodes the same story is told from different view points.  The difference in the two stories is always evident and as well as both of their view points on the beginning of their affair they are both also being interviewed by the police.  Once they begin their affair the two stories become one and although it is from different points of view, it carries on the story as opposed to showing the same situations again from there others' POV.  Both characters are flawed and have question marks over their morality and once we find out that someone has died and hence why they are both being interviewed you look into the smaller details of the script a lot more.

I have loved watching this show and I cannot wait to watch more; I am really excited to find out what happens in the end and it is definitely one of those shows that constantly has your brain ticking, where you are looking into every thing said and done in finer detail.

E4 // New Episodes Tuesday at 9 pm

This show is full of big names- Terrance Howard and Taraji P. Henson are amongst the main characters with Courtney Love and Naomi Campbell starring as guests.  Although this is a bit of a slow burner, each episode packs enough punch to keep me occupied and always ends leaving me warning more.

Lucious Lyon head of Empire Records comes unstuck when his convict ex wife Cookie gets released from prison and wants a piece of the Empire Records pie that she helped create.  Tensions run high within the family with one devious son scheming to under cut his brothers whilst the other two are fighting to be the #1 artist on the record label.

The show features original songs throughout which are produced by Timbaland which offers a lot more grit then the likes of Glee and Smash; I would say this is a hip-hop version of Nashville with just as much drama.

I really like the way this show is unfolding; as there is a lot of history between the two main characters it can flit between the present and the past which means it can be a bit slow in places.  However, I always give this show my full attention and never find myself reaching for my phone for an Instragram browsing session.

Jane the Virgin
E4 // New Episodes Wednesday at 9 pm

Although this does sound like a strange show, trust me it's a gooden'.

Set in the style of a telenovela, Jane who has been brought up by her single mother and grandmother promises that she wants to wait until she is married before losing her virginity.  After being accidentally inseminated by a doctor, Jane finds herself in a tricky spot with her fiancĂ© Michael as the man who's sperm it was only has one chance to have a child (due to him being sick with cancer).  To complicate matters further the baby daddy is Jane's boss at the hotels she is employed at.  Jane decides she doesn't want to keep the baby but instead will give it to Rafael (her boss) and his wife who Jane believes have a perfect life and can offer a stable home.  However, things start to go really wrong when Michael finds out Rafael's wife  is having an affair and keeps this from Jane because he doesn't like the idea of keeping the baby himself.

This is really easy watching and although it does sound pretty cringe, its is funny and charming and has an excellent cast.

Silicon Valley
Sky Atlantic // New Episodes Monday at 10:35 pm

I have previously wrote about this series in my last post about TV shows I was enjoying and now it is back with its second season.

Silicon Valley in California is home to lots of high-tech big names and when Richard accidentally creates an algorithm for data compression when looking to build a music app he is suddenly thrown to the shrewd world of technology business.  The second series brings more problems for Richard who now has to compete with another company who have copied his algorithm for data compression as well as being sued by tech giant Hooli who he used to work for.

This show does have some good twists and turns but really it is the comedy of the characters that keeps me engaged.  It is only a 30 minute show but often find myself laughing out loud at the dark, dry humour within the script of this otherwise quite light hearted show. The second series has introduced more and more outrageously narcissistic and hilarious characters and I am enjoying this much more than the first season.

What shows have you been loving lately?  I'm always in the market for more TV to watch and I would love to hear your suggestions!

Emma x

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