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 Hey guys,

I am a total telly addict and so in view of that and keeping in with my 'currently loving' series, I thought I would share with you the shows I love watching at the moment.

1.  Ray Donovon - Sky Atlantic 

First up we have got Ray Donovan which has only just started its second series recently on Sky Atlantic.

This show is about Ray who works at a law firm as a 'fixer' to the rich and famous.  This basically means that Ray will come along and fix a problem which someone famous has got themselves into and **poof** make it go away.  But the main story revolves around Ray and his family with his wife, two kids, two brothers and father.

Ray has a troubled relationship with his father who has just been released from prison and the first series is really about the difficulty Ray faces when his father becomes more involved with his life and family.

The second series has only just started but this is much more fast paced and interesting than the first series (and I really enjoyed that).  I haven't watched much else like this series; it is a crime drama with many twists and turns with some great dark humour.

Watch if you want to see a more scandalous version of Scandal or if you want to see the same sort of dark humour as Dexter.

2.   Geordie Shore - MTV

Well it can't always be high brow, stimulating television all the time can it?  Sometimes you just feel like kicking back and watching something which doesn't require much concentration.  And watching Geordie Shore gives me a perfect excuse to do that.

I am so excited that the new series has just started, I think this is probably the best "reality" show I have watched since The Hills.  If you're not sure what the show involves it's about a group of boys and girls from Newcastle and you basically watch them get drunk, get in fights and the majority of the time vomit on themselves after a night out.

Having said that, I am just obsessed with this show.  You can just tell these people are totally being themselves which is one of the best things about it because there's nothing worse than a scripted show.  Not only is it honest, but it is actually really humorous and there's always some drama going on which you'll get drawn in to.  It's an easy watch and my guilty pleasure.

Watch if you want to see the late night version of Made in Chelsea or the unscripted version of The Only Way is Essex.

3.  True Blood - FOX

True Blood has been one of my favourite shows for years and I am so sad that this is the final season :o(.  If you don't know what the show involves, it's a TV adaption of the Sookie Stackhouse novels (The Southern Vampire Mysteries) which revolves around a waitress called Sookie who is this amazing character with so much sass and charisma.  Sookie is a telepath and when she discovers that she can't hear vampires thoughts, it opens up a whole new world to her.

It is quite naughty and probably one of the raunchiest shows I've seen but it's so good, there's always good plots and the characters and actors are amazing.  It was spawned off the success of the Twilight movie but overlooking that fact, it's just a great show in its own rights.

It should be worth noting that the books are some one of the best series I've ever read and it's just great to read something where there is a strong protagonist and not some feeble woman always looking for love.

Watch if you want to see Skins with vampires or a sexier version of The Vampire Diaries.

4.  Silicon Valley - Sky Atlantic

This series has only just started and already I'm hooked.

The show is based in Silicon Valley, which is not where everyone with a boob job lives but actually the nickname for an area in California where all the big technology companies do their biz.

We follow Richard who is a tech geek trapped in a big corporation who has developed in his own time a music downloading app.  After failing to present his product to big shot Peter Gregory he then shows his app to some 'brogrammers' at his company we realise that this app could be used for bigger and better things then Richard knows.  He is then faced with the decision to either sell his code to the company he works for for $10,000,000 or invest with Peter Gregory, who after hearing that this code could be used for much more, will help him run his own business and keep a small percentage of the profit.

It's full of faces where you're like 'hmmm, I have seen you somewhere' and some great dry humour.

Watch if you like The Social Network or want to see a tech-y version of Greek.

5.  Hannibal - Sky Living

Don't worry if you haven't seen The Silence of the Lambs because neither have I.  All you need to know is right here in this series which is the precursor to the above (loosely based on the book Red Dragon).

The series follows Will Graham who is an FBI employed psychologist who has a special gift for catching killers using his skills as a criminal profiler.  After some stressful cases, the FBI decide to assign Will a psychologist, Dr. Hannibal Lector and herein begins their relationship.

This is one of the darkest TV programmes I've watched and it never stops shocking me.  There are so many twists and turns in the first series and now with the second series drawing to a close, I actually think this has been a lot better than the first.  The sheer graphic content in this show is enough to keep you watching; I have never seen anything like it, I really don't even understand how they come up with some of the things I've seen!  Not only that but the relationship between Hannibal and Will just gets stranger and more complex as time goes on and the end of an episode always leaves you wanting more.  I can honestly say this the best psychological thriller I've seen on TV.  And Hugh Dancy is quite easy on the eyes.

Watch if want to see a more gory version of Bates Motel or more shocking scenes than the The Following.

Hopefully this post has been helpful if you're looking for a good TV series to get into.  I have concentrated on the ones that are currently on TV at the moment but I always have lots of recommendations for good shows so if you want to you can comment below or catch me on Twitter.

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