Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Review : Lip Scrub - Popcorn

Hi everyone,

If you haven't tried the Lush lip scrub yet then what are you waiting for?

This is one of my favourite little discoveries recently and I actually cannot stop using it.  This product is absolutely amazing, I know it doesn't sound like an essential product but after using it I cannot believe I used to put up with rough, dry lips.

There are three flavours to chose from Popcorn, Bubblegum and Mint Julips and they all smell absolutely amazing but for me the popcorn one just seemed like the best choice.

To use, you just scoop a little sprinkling onto your finger, rub, rub, rub and then it just dissolves.  I cannot help having a few licks but this is totally edible and it is basically made up of sugar and a little dash of oils and flavourings.

I use in the mornings and it is great before lipstick application especially if you are applying a lip product which is matte, this gets rid of all those annoying little rough bits to ensure that lips are lovely and smooth.

As tempting as it may be (because these taste so nice), I wouldn't suggest using any more than twice a day, perhaps morning and evening.

I will definitely be going back to get more of these in different flavours, so yum and they do such a great job of keeping lips looking and feeling wonderfully fresh.

Usual Price is £5.50 and link can be found here.

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