Friday, 12 February 2016

Singles Awareness Day

I can recall one Valentines Day out of my 27 years on this planet which I have had a "significant other" to share this momentous occasion with.  And when I say significant I mean exactly the opposite.

At the risk of sounding like a bitter and twisted woman, I don't like Valentines Day.  

It is not because I have no one to share it with, I have had no bad experiences of the day, no bad memories attached to it - I simply just do not understand it.

A quick search on Wikipedia tells me all I need to know about the history of Valentines Day - Saint Valentinus - a Martyr to the Cause of Marriage - wrote a love note to his beloved on the day of his execution signed "Your Valentine" and some clever so-and-so thought it would be a good idea to commercialise this many years down the line in order to guilt trip men into buying flowers and chocolate.  

Okay, firstly let's address the following:-

a) Why do you need a day to show someone you love that you love them?  
b) How does going out for a meal and giving someone a pre-printed not at all thought out card show someone you love them?
c) Why does the main duty fall on men?

Okay so firstly, to answer point a) - if you love someone, you should show them everyday and if you don't well, what's the point?  You shouldn't wait for the one day a year to force your partner or yourself into some big elaborate gesture and then forget to appreciate them for the other 364 days a year.

Moving swift onto point b).  

Who exactly decided that going out for dinner was the done thing on Valentines Day? Everybody and their mother is already out, okay, so you got to book anywhere you want go and then you're likely to get a set menu because well, the restaurants are busy and they don't want to spend all night slaving away and then they're going to charge you well over the odds for a meal which will likely be sub standard.  The price of flowers and chocolates possibly increase by 50% around the 31st January and also Valentines Day cards are bull.

Point c) possibly baffles me the most.  I reckon that 80% of the day falls dutifully on men's shoulders.  Don't get me wrong, I think it's wonderful if a man wants to take their girlfriend or wife out to dinner in order that she gets a night off  from being a slave to the stove (although, hello, we are in the 21st Century now - you can put an apron on too!) but really - does it have to be that thoughtless?  Can't you just do that any other night of the year?  

Then I feel because that day is like "oh look at what a wonderful thing I did for you honey", it's as though they feel like they're owed something at the end of it.  For example, the concept of various Steak and Blow Job Day posts which will feature on many social media outlets one month after V-Day - WTF?! 

Okay so the main point of this post was not to moan about Valentines Day but what I really wanted to say is - if you're single, don't let this be a day where you're down the in the dumps or lonely.  I think this post alone should have you wiping your brow and saying "phew, missed another day of forced affection.  Thank goodness."  

Although being single may feel like a curse on Valentines Day, think of all the wonderful people you are yet to meet and all the great experiences you will have whilst being totally commitment free.  

Use this time to get to know yourself and enjoy your own company - be the best version of yourself you can be.  Be comfortable with yourself and secure and know what you want from someone else, what they can bring to your life and don't settle for anything less.  

Don't forget that your happily ever after doesn't have to be like Disney's.  

Emma xx

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