Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Consistency is the Key : Morning Routine #1

It is very tempting as a beauty blogger to try as many products that you can possibly try in the shortest space of time.  I admit, I have found in the past that as soon as I buy a new product, I need to use it the second I get home, be it a cleanser or a serum, moisturiser, you name it.  It doesn't matter what it is I always have this 'slap it on my face right NOW' vibe when buying new skincare products.

But in reality, I'm not giving my skin a chance to get used to and adapt to a product before I'm onto the next one and I wonder why my skin is always in such disarray.  It shouldn't come as much of a surprise to hear that since I've adapted a routine using the same products that I've noticed a much healthier, calmer appearance to my skin.

Recently, I stumbled upon a few good products and decided to just use them instead of use for a couple of weeks, buy something new, change.  I know it doesn't sound ideal to be using the exact same products for weeks when I'm supposed to be writing reviews of products or typing up posts which contain new things.  But to be honest, it has actually been a really good thing for my skin to keep some consistency.  I wasn't aware of the importance of getting a routine and sticking to it using the same products until I saw a much needed improvement in my skin.

In the mornings I am a wash and go kind of girl and I like everything to be as simple as possible in order that I can get out the door as quickly as possible and not waste any valuable snoozing time.  

As I suffer from blemish prone skin (for my information on my skin type and the reasons behind it, here's a little link) I find that a foaming cleanser in the morning is the quickest and the effective in order to cleanse my skin from any products that I may have put on the night before.  I picked up the Boots Botantics All Bright Cleansing Foam Wash just before Christmas as I was running low on the La Roche Posay Effaclar Foaming Cleanser.  

I hadn't tried anything from the Botanics range previously but I saw it contained some natural AHAs (and those are my favourite key ingredients these days) and was soap free so I was comfortable giving this product a shot.  

I do enjoy a foaming cleanser as I need my skin to feel clean in the morning and nourished at night; foaming cleansers are the only thing that really give me a deep down clean feeling and this one does not disappoint.  The hibiscus contained within this product acts as a natural AHA which means that skin is gently exfoliated leaving behind brightened skin in its place.  I don't find foaming cleansers drying but this cleanser is no exception to the rule and my skin is comfortable using this product every morning with a muslin cloth to wipe it away and give a little further exfoliation to help keep dry skin at bay.  

After cleansing, it's straight on with a serum and at the moment the one I'm reaching for is the Ren Hydra-Calm Youth Defence Serum which I bought recently in the Space.NK. sale as part of a set  called the Ren Sensitive Skin Travel Kit.  Ren was not a brand I had attempted to use before but I was keen to try something and with the sale price being £28.00 down from £56.00 I didn't really need another excuse!  When browsing I really had in mind how inflamed my cheeks had been recently; I tend to suffer from a redness on my cheeks and big pores.  The sensitive skin kit seemed like a good option and to be honest was a pretty nifty find.  This serum is lightweight and doens't bring out any sort of reaction in my skin, leaving me with plumped up skin ready for some moisturiser action.

When used in conjunction with the Ren Hydra-Calm Global Protection Day Cream these products can make my skin at ease straight away.   I can see what a significant difference using a sensitive, calming product can do for my face as, after use my skin tone has evened out, looking a lot less inflamed and much more cool, calm and collected.  This moisturiser is slightly heavier than I would usually use but I have not suffered with any adverse affects and this leaves my skin silky smooth after use.   Don't let the name fool you though, this claims to be 'Global Protection' but unfortunately it's missing one vital ingredient - SPF.  Bummer.

Next up I move on to a bit of protection for the delicate under eye protection and I recently mentioned this product in my Beauty Favourites of 2014 Video and that is the Origins Eye Doctor.  This under eye miracle has seen me through some crepey looking lids and some dry under eye issues.  With ingredients such a rosemary and cucumber to soothe skin and green tea to help the fight against free radicals, this calming, cool eye cream is perfect for tired, dried out eyes.  The cucumber means it smells good enough to eat and I love using this in the morning as it manages to de-puff my eyes instantly. 

Last but certainly not least is the Soap & Glory Dr Spot Super Strength Clearing Gel which I actually wrote a whole post about recently (click here for an in-depth review on why this product is the greatest thing since sliced bread).  It's a great spot clearer and it is also really great underneath make-up which is why I enjoy using it in the mornings as it dries completely invisible and doesn't give you a crusty pile of concealer on top of that blemish.

What products do you use in your morning routine?  Do you have any suggestions for sensitive / blemish prone skin?  If so, I'd love to hear about them!

Emma x

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